Trivia Recap – March 2, 2017 – Wurst Bar

We put some strange stakes on questions in our trivia game Wednesday at The Wurst Bar hosted by Stacy. One of the questions, “In which city was the first Hard Rock Cafe located?” I told the team, “If I’m wrong on this, you guys can kick me square in the nuts.” Which of course is silly, because they are FAR too nice to ever do that – even if I had any such things to actually kick! Of course we got that question wrong, so I upped the ante on the next question, “Nathuram Vinayak Godse was arrested for killing what world leader in the mid 20th century?” I said, “If I get this wrong, I’ll voluntarily suspend myself the next two games here.” You know what? My teammates are SO sweet. They hadn’t even revealed the answer yet, and they said they didn’t want me to sit out two games – even if we missed it! Why? Because I know most of the answers? As Will Smith said in “Independence Day,” “Aww HELL no.” Most MTL games, my team is hard pressed to even NEED me to help out, except maybe with a random question or two! Long story short, we got the assassinations question correct. I was actually looking forward to taking a two-game vacation, but that’s perfectly OK! I’m glad you guys put up with my shenanigans! We wound up finishing second for the night, winning a $20 gift card on a tiebreaker, and were only edged out of first by one point. I managed to snag the game sheet of the team that beat us, so you’ll be able to how we did on the questions – and how the team that bested us did as well!
Round One
1. What is the name for sharp claws on a bird of prey? Both of our teams got this for 5.
2. Hockey – What city will have a new NHL franchise beginning play in the 2017-2018 season? We got this for 3, other team missed for 1.
3. Insects – What are the names of the three segments on an insect’s body? We got this for 1, other team for 3.
Round Two
1. Medical Conditions – Macular Degeneration affects what body part? Both for 5.
2. Holidays – Earth Day and Secretary’s Day are both celebrated in what month of the year? Both got this for 3.
3. Advertising – What product’s claim of “Energy now, no crash later” has recently been scrutinized? For an extra three points, what product is being advertised in a 1998 ad featuring a mosquito exploding after biting someone? We missed, our competitors got it.
Round Three
1. Presidents – What president’s Strategic Defense Initiative was better known as “Star Wars?” We got this for 5, our competitors missed it for 1.
2. Wars – “Remember the Maine” was the rallying cry of what war? We both got this for 3.
3. Artists – What is the first name of the artist whose entire last name is di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni? We got for 1, our competitors for 5.
Halftime – TV Occupations – Identify the occupations of the following TV characters.
Ray Barrone
John Walton Sr.
Al Bundy
Andy Taylor
Got all of these. Our competitor got three of these, I’m guessing they missed John Walton Sr. Brad was all over this one, go Brad! The only person on our team old enough to actually remember watching this show!
Scores: Nine (I think) teams, scores 21 to 37, with us in the top spot, with our wily competitors right behind us with 35.
Round Four
1. Music – Who has won the most Grammy Awards of all time? Both teams got for 6.
2. Baseball – What Hall of Famer learned the game of baseball while attending St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys? There was more to this question, but anyone into baseball got this…both of our teams got this.
3. Actors – What actor died during the filming of “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus?”
Round Five
1. Disney Villains – What is the name of Gaston’s sidekick in “Beauty and the Beast?” We missed for 2, our competitors got for 4. Clearly we need to pay more attention to Disney news, ugh…
2. Restaurants – The first Hard Rock Cafe was located where? I had that Carole King song way too stuck in my mind to even consider a city that wasn’t in the United States. Alas, I was not kicked in the balls for missing it (thanks guys!). Our competitors also missed this for 2.
3. Assassinations – Nathuram Vinayak Godse was arrested for killing what world leader in the mid 20th century? Both of our teams got this one.
Round Six
1. Food – What hot pepper is named for the capital of French Guiana? Tricksy, MTL, this is not even a sovereign nation, but we got it, so did our rivals.
2. Famous Americans – In what U.S. state is Benjamin Franklin buried? Both got this.
3. Judges- The president appoints Supreme Court justices, but who approves them? Both got this.
Scores: We were in second this time, tied with one other team for 67 (do not recall their name). Mystery team was in first with 68.
Final Category – Singers
What singer simultaneously had one #1 album, one #1 song, and one #1 movie on one week in 1984?
Lots of teams got this, so the tiebreaker we had for second was this: In what year was “Citizen Kane” released? We hit it spot on, our competitors went too far ahead into the 1950s. Until next time, which will be Original Gravity Brewing Co. tonight, mainly to spend some prize money from last week. We plan to return to Sticks when we can bring at least a trio of us (hopefully next week). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ronald Reagan!

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