Trivia Recap – March 3, 2017 – Original Gravity

One year ago today our team visited Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan for its debut Sporcle Live trivia night hosted by Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC, got a first place sweep. The weather was terrible, what we thought was just going to be an inch of snow turned out to be a virtual blizzard. We wound up turning this place into a regular trivia spot for a couple of seasons in 2016 after this debut game, managing to finish sixth at a venue tournament in July (with one player having played a partial season), and finishing second in the venue tournament in November. Being that this trivia spot is about a half hour drive, we’ve rarely been able to bring more than 1-2 players out here. Over this past year, a good number of regular teams have been coming here to play – Where’s Trey, Mellows, Josh Pit, Team Mott & Others, Big Heads, Big Hearts, Golden Geese, Throwback Thursdays, Bad Moms Club and More Beer Less Pants, among others. On this most recent game, we again got a first place sweep, winning two $20 gift cards. Being as superstitious as we are, we know that such favors from the trivia gods need to be repaid, mainly by having at least a few crappy prizeless trivia games. Which happened Tuesday, BTW (are you trivia gods paying attention?). FIFTY EIGHT POINTS, no prizes! Oh yes, also no prizes when we played Monday at Powell’s in Ypsilanti, just for the record. That said, we definitely earned our gift cards this time, neither final question came immediately to us. More about that in a bit, and the questions…
Game One
1. New Mexico – What is by far the most populous city in New Mexico? For nerd bonus, spell this city correctly. Got both for 10. I knew I should’ve taken the left turn at….
2. Flavors – Great Blue-Dini and Rock A Dile Red are flavors of what beverage company? We incorrectly guessed a carbonated beverage, miss for 3.
3. Weird Al – “eBay” by Weird Al is a parody of a song by what boy band? Good guess for 4.
4. SCIENCE! news – What is the name of the dwarf star located in the Aquarius constellation found to host several terrestrial planets in February, 2017? And Mike was just as excited about answering this one as I was when they had the audio clue for “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” on Tuesday. #triviagasm Got this for 9.
5. SNL – SNL cast member Dana Carvey regularly played an elderly lady named Enid Strict, who was better known by what name? Thank you trivia gods for asking an SNL question pertaining to a time when I actually watched the show (smooches), 8.
6. Bowl Games – What NCAA Div 1 school holds the record for the most bowl games played? Picked a school in the right area of the U.S. who has also been to a lot of bowl games, but nope, miss for 1. Sniffle…we tried! 🙂
7. Authors – “Hocus Pocus” and “Time Quake” are the last books published during the lifetime of what author, who died in 2007? Damn, they just asked about this guy in a MTL game on Monday! Miss for 2.
8. The Internet – What is the three-digit code typically given when a web page no longer exists or the web link is broken? 7
9. Movie Pets- What type of animals were Rocky Balboa’s pets Cuff and Link? We have had this question before, got this for 5.
10. Flags – What color is the top stripe on Russia’s flag, which consists of red, white and blue stripes? Only one team managed to get this correct, and it wasn’t our team. Miss for 6.
Mystery – three letter words
1. Type of hat or main character from “That ’70s Show”
2. Type of lively dance or type of song
3 Second letter of Greek alphabet or abbreviation for time of arrival
4. To go from place to place in pursuit of pleasure or last name of actor playing Olaf in “Frozen.”
Weird…I was JUST talking about the guy in #4 hours before this game, saying it should be illegal for him to play more than one Disney character. Once you’ve played Olaf, no more Disney roles for you! The Disney “Nazi” has spoken!
Scores – Twelve (I think) teams, scores upper 20s to 53, with us in first playing under the moniker The Podd Squad.
Final Category – Folk Rock Musicians
I HAD to wager on this one…having a hippie mom demanded this! And this would not be an easy one…
Among the four members of the band Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, which two were born in the United States?
Eliminated one immediately, and used whack logic to arrive at my two guesses. Look at the comments if you want to read how my brain worked, I don’t want to give any spoilers to people trying to figure this out!
Got it…
Standings: Team Mott & Others, 72; Podd Squad, 73.
Game Two
1. Elections – What midwestern U.S. state’s caucuses are considered the first step in the presidential nomination process? 10
2. Famous Relatives – American feminist and journalist Gloria Steinem is the stepmother of what actor, who played a superhero on film? I had good guess, but we were not confident, still got for 3. And I actually got to interview this woman once, when I was just starting out in the journalism biz. She was very personable and polite…but people are far more jealous that I got to meet the late Gordie Howe than they are for me meeting Gloria Steinem! To each their own…
3. Signs – What color of the standard mile marker signs used on interstates in the U.S.? 7
4. Mergers – In 1965, Pepsi merged with what company, best known for producing chips and other salty snacks? 4
5. Classic Quotes – Audio clip, had to identify film with “stinking badges” quote, 9
6. Elements – Name one of the two elements on the Periodic Table beginning with the letter B and having seven letters or fewer. Got this for 8 plus the bonus.
7. Talk shows – Within two, in what year did Tom Cruise go batshit crazy on “Oprah” and proclaim his love for Katie Holmes while standing on a couch? No, this his not how the question was worded…got this for 5.
8. Natural Landmarks – What waterfall on the Zambezi River is named for an English monarch? 6
9. Video Games – Known as Grand Theft Auto in the old west, what video game does the player control a character named John Marsten? FB clue (thank goodness…). Have there ever been first-person shooter video games set in the old west? That might be kind of interesting, I thought of this while watching the reboot of “Magnificent Seven.” Two points..
10. Musical Terms – What is the Italian term for no musical accompaniment? Don’t worry, be happy…we got this for 1.
Mystery – Missed #2.
Scores: Eleven teams, scores 45 to 65, with us in first with 65.
Final Category – Literary Opening Lines
Mike is a real bookworm, so we wagered on this…
What 1952 children’s story begins with a young girl asking her mother, “Where’s Papa going with that ax?”
This did not come to us right away, Mike came up with right guess after thinking a bit.
We finished first with 85, there were tiebreakers going on for other prize spot, was settling tab and not paying attention at this point. Until next time, which is TBD. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Stephen Stills! Sorry your fling with Judy Collins didn’t work out better, but at least we still have that song you wrote about her! And with that is the photo tie-in…

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