Trivia Recap – March 5, 2017- Oscar’s Sports Grill

The “Podd Squad” paid a visit to Oscar’s Sports & Grill in Saline for a fix of Sporcle Live with Liz. Finished in second overall for the night with 113 points, won a second place/$10 prize in game two. Shout out to More Beer Less Pants for scoring their highest game of the season at this bar and taking a first place sweep!
Game One
1. State Nicknames: South Dakota’s nickname mentions what landmark?
2. Scientists: Alexander Fleming was a Scottish biologist best known for his 1928 discovery of what antibiotic?
3. Short Lived Sports Leagues: The short lived XFL was owned by two entities: 50% by the World Wrestling Federation and 50% by what major television network? Miss.
4. Actors: Brad Pitt goes by his middle name. What is his given first name: William, George, Charles, or Raymond?
5. Board Games: On a standard Monopoly board, Illinois Avenue and Atlantic Avenues are on either side of which railroad? Miss.
6. TV Logos: In the logo for The Sopranos, one letter is replaced by a physical object. Identify the letter and the object. Bonus: on which day of the week were new episodes of The Sopranos aired?
Missed the bonus.
7. Wars: From 1979 until 1989, the Soviet Union occupied what Asian nation, fighting a war against insurgents?
8. Websites: What professional networking website has used the slogan “Relationships matter?” Not sure if we had the qualifier “professional networking” in our question or not, but we went with a dating site instead. Miss.
9. #1 Hits: What group had #1 country hits with the songs “Travelin’ Soldier,” “Without You,” “You’ll Be Mine,” and “Cowboy Take Me Away?”
Got it on a guess.
10. Words: What ten letter word of French origin refers to a meeting at a specific time and place, usually between two people?
Mystery Round: Animals in Literature
1. William Shakespeare: The Taming of the *blank*
2. Dashiell Hammett: The Maltese *blank*
3. C. S. Lewis: The *blank* and His Boy
4. Sue Monk Kidd: The Secret Life of *blank*
Missed #3.
Standings: Eleven teams, scores 29 to 62, with Beauty and the Beast in first. We were tied with three other teams for third with 57 points.
Final Category: High Grossing Movies
Final Question: Four of the five highest-grossing films of 2016 at the domestic box office were distributed by Walt Disney Studios. Name three of those four highest-grossing 2016 films that were distributed by Walt Disney Studios.
Only managed to get two of these, picked a talking animals movie instead of one we should have picked. And it’s SO tough keeping track of all the entities Disney owns these days. Wait, what’s that? They own our trivia team now? Well then…how about that Finding Dory sequel starring Hank the Octopus? 🙂
Final Standings: Danger Zone, 58 (zero bet), MBLP, 77.
Game Two
1. Continents: What is the only continent to never have a reported tornado occur in its history?
2. Motown: What group hit #1 in 1965 with “Stop in the Name of Love?”
3. Quotable Movie Lines: Audio clip from Mrs. Doubtfire. Had to fill in the missing word following “It was a run-by *blank*”
4. Stones: What artificial gems made of crystal glass take their name from a European river? What, they don’t take their name from that horrible Dolly Parton film?
5. Authors: Norman Bridwell is the author of what popular children’s book series about a girl and her pet? And commence the silly jokes about poor Emily Elizabeth having to “clean up” after this pet. “Be sure to take the backhoe with you, sweetie.”
6. Capitals: What is the only European national capital city with an English name that begins with the letter W? Bonus: Which sea does this nation border? Got both.
7. Cars: After a 25 year hiatus, what model of American muscle car introduced its fourth generation as a concept car in 2008 in order to compete with the Camaro and the Mustang?
Right company, wrong model…miss.
8. Reality TV: What is the title of the Gordon Ramsay hosted reality competition show in which children take part in a cooking competition? The fifth season of this show premiered in February 2017. Mike has watched this show a couple of times, but the title just didn’t sink in…miss.
9. Politicians: Vice president Mike Pence previously served as the governor of which state? This was not our question, we had this next question instead:
9. TV Actors – What actor starred in both “Knight Rider” and “Baywatch?” Scott…are you reading this? Another KR question, lol!
10. The Olympics: Dressage and eventing are events in which summer Olympics sport?
Visual: Got ’em all.
Standings: Thirteen teams, scores 22 to 62, with MBLP in first. We were in fifth with 56 points.
Final Category: Fashion
Final Question: Born in 1883, who is the only fashion designer featured in TIME magazine’s list of the 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century? And yes, after getting this right, I said, “Yay, I got a fashion question correct! I’m a “real girl.”
Final standings: ‘Pods, 76; MBLP, 82. Until next time, which is TBD. We’ll see you in the next recap!

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