Trivia Recap – March 9, 2017, Wurst Bar

A record number of ‘Pods showed up for our regular My Trivia Live outing Wednesday at The Wurst Bar hosted by Stacy. Six! Count ’em – myself (Heather), Mike, Brad, Dave, John and even Joel, who seldom gets to join us for games since he’s a professional pilot. We still amazingly managed to squeeze into a booth without looking like some kind of sad imitation of those little clown cars! We finished in second (sigh…again) for the night with 65 points (not counting our final wagered points), and like last week, had to successfully answer a tiebreaker question for second place. Again. Seriously, this game was practically a mirror image of our game from last week!
Round One
1. Abbreviations – What does BTW stand for in texting parlance? 5
2. Sports – Hold old are all horses competing in the Kentucky Derby? Joel and Brad both came up with different answers on this one, and apparently Brad’s was wrong. Brad, you’re supposed to KNOW animal stuff! 🙂 Our only miss in the first half for three.
3. Literature – What is “Christine” in the Stephen King novel? 1
Round Two
1. TV – On what current TV show would you find characters named Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan? John all over this for 5.
2. Books – Actor W.C. Fields was quoted famously for advising actors never to work with what two things? 5
3. Presidential Offspring – What was the first name of Jimmy Carter’s daughter? And for an extra three point bonus, what president’s daughter posed for “Playboy” in 1994? Brad and I instantly thought of the right president, but the rest of the team didn’t want to risk the bonus. I just walked up the slip anyway, and yay, we got it, woot! We rarely get these three point bonus questions lately!
Round Three
1. Animals – What animal did the ancient Greeks think was a cross between a camel and a leopard? 3
2. Politics – Since 1922, what state’s caucus has been commonly recognized as the first step in the presidential nomination process? Had a Sporcle question about this fairly recently…
3. Music – What Elvis song was born from the Italian song “O Solo Mio?” And what a great time for David K. to show up, son of an Elvis fan! And he nailed this for 5.
Halftime – What state am I? Name the state based on the second most populous city.
1. Fort Smith
2. Cedar Rapids
3. Spokane
4. Salem
Got them all.
Nineteen teams in the mix! Scores 11 to 39 with Kathleen Turner Overdrive in first. We were in second with 37 playing under our “other” name GDX in honor of International Women’s Day. In 2016, Ang E and I officially began playing MTL and regularly used the name “Generation Double X” (abbreviated GDX) as our name. Thanks Stacy for suggesting this to Mike!
Round Four
1. Holidays – What president officially proclaimed Thanksgiving as a holiday? Newsletter answer, 6.
2. Music – What group recorded the 1991 album “Achtung Baby?” 4
3. TV – When Charlotte Rae left Mrs. Garrett, who came in to portray Beverly Ann Stickle? On my way up to hand in the slip, I asked our rivals Team Pants, whom I’d profiled long ago as being a team with advanced old TV knowledge, if they knew the answer to this one. And this is why we didn’t call “shenanigans” on this one. Miss for 2.
Round Five
1. World Wars – Who was commander and leader of Japan during World War 2? 6
2. Movies- What sci-fi fllm starring Harrison Ford took place in 2019? If we miss a question like this, that means we’ve been taken over by Replicants!
3. Immigrants – Anna Moore was the first immigrant to pass through Ellis Island, and she hailed from what country? Good guess for 2.
Round Six
1. Broadcasters – What recently retired broadcaster spent 67 seasons broadcasting for the L.A. Dodgers, the longest tenure for any broadcaster? Miss for 2.
2. Words – What word do we get from proto-Germanic for a word meaning “to make a broth?” Big duh here. Tried to call shenanigans, but another team didn’t OK the shenanigans. Miss for 4. Ouch…
3. Animals – What do you call he offspring of a male donkey and a female horse? 6
Scores – We were in third again with 65 points, tied with another team whose name I didn’t recognize. Team Pants was tied with another team for first with 67.
Final Category – U.S. Territories
What U.S. territory, because of its location, has the slogan, “Where the day begins?” Got it for max points. This put us in a tiebreaker for second with another team, had to answer how many counties Texas has, our guess was closest so we won $20, woot! See y’all in the next recap, Go Pods!

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