Trivia Recap – March 22, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

A couple of ‘Pods hit up Johnny’s Grill in Belleville for Sporcle Live Host Elyse triviaTuesday, scored our second-highest night of the Sporcle Live trivia season (160 points), winning a $10 gift card/second place in game two. A mere three points divided the top three teams in game one, but a final question that every team managed to get correct kept us out of the prize zone in game one Our players this time were myself (Heather) and Dave. This is only the second time we’ve played as a duo, the first time was in September at Original Gravity Brewing Company, where we also did quite well. And the questions, which may be abridged versions of the questions that were asked…
Game One
1. Radio – Who replaced Casey Kasem as host of the American Top 40 radio program in 2004? Miss for 2, turns out Dave, who was running a bit late, would’ve known this one! 😦 Our only miss of the entire round.
2. Forests – Which state is home to the Green Mountain National Forest?
3. Pasta – What four-letter pasta name has straight cut ends, similar to rigatoni, which has diagonal cut ends?
4. Phobias – What phobia’s name comes from Greek and describes an anxiety disorder characterized by symptoms of anxiety in situations where the person perceives the environment to be unsafe with no easy way to get away?
5. Wars – Name one of the two countries that the U.S. officially declared war upon other than the United Kingdom prior to World War 1? Name both for an extra “nerd” point. Got both.
6. board games – What board game’s categories include “creative cat,” “word worm” and “star performer?” Mike and I actually bought Dave this game for a gift years ago…
7. Movie Classrooms – What subject did Ben Stein’s character teach in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?” Multiple choices given, did not write them down, got it.
8. NBA Players – What Utah Jazz player was the NBA’s assist leader for nine years beginning in the 1987-1988 season? This was all Dave…
9. Google – Introduced in 2014, what was the name of Google’s interactive chat and instant messaging service, similar to Skype? Dave again for the points.
10. Non-profits – What medical practice and research facility was founded in Rochester, MN in 1889 and named for its founders? We had a guy who used to play with our team who now works at this place…
Mystery – Presidential Anagrams – Decipher the anagrams, which will be the first and last name of a U.S. president
1. Ladder Frog
2. Wow, Indoor Owls (I insisted that this one demands a comma)
3. My Metric Jar
4. A Granola Nerd
Got them all.
Scores: Five teams, top three teams were the Excitable Pods, 65; SOL, 66; and More Beer Less Pants (I think their name should have a comma after “beer,” but I digress) taking the stop spot with a perfect 67 points.
Final Category – Commercials
What breakfast cereal mascot appeared in a commercial singing a song based on Nelly’s “Ride With Me”?
Thankfully Dave knew the song, and I helped confirm that the cereal also has a mascot. Unfortunately, both teams ahead of us also got it, so no prizes for us!
Game Two
1. Voices – Actor Jeremy Irons provided the voice of what character in “The Lion King?”
2. Disease – What four letter medical condition is caused by uric acid buildup in the joints or tendons? This condition truly is a four-letter word…
3. Baseball – Within two feet, what is the diameter of a regulation pitcher’s mound? Miss for 3, though Dave really put some effort in to this one…
4. U.N. – What is the usual color of the helmets worn by the UN’s peackekeeping forces? FB clue.
5. Fictional Towns – Now the title of a TV series, what is the name of the fictional hometown of Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica?
6. Scientists – What astrophysicist is the subject of a popular photo meme saying, “Watch out, we’re dealing with a badass here?” Dave with the right answer…
7. Travel – The Atlantis Paradise Resort opened in 1998 in what Caribbean nation that consists of 700 islands?
8. beverages – What brand of non-alcoholic beverage advertised itself as a “frosty mug sensation?”
9. ’80s Music – What English trio released early ’80s albums called Zenyatta Mondotta, Ghost in the Machine and Sychronicity?
10. NYC – What NYC borough is the largest in area? Miss.
Visual Mystery – Missed #1 and #4.
Scores – Six teams, scores 41 to 60, with MBLP in first, we were in third again with 55 points.
Martha Rountree, Ned Brooks, Lawrence Spivak, Bill Monroe, Marvin Kalb, Chris Wallace, and Garrick Utley have all been moderators for what television program?
Got it….Game winners: Excitable Squids, 75; MBLP, 80. Until next time, which will be The Wurst Bar for a Stacy game. See, I told you we’d be back! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Jeremy Irons!

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