Trivia Recap – April 5, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

A trio of ‘Pods visited Johnny’s Grill in Belleville Tuesday to check out the venue tournament action – and to use up some previous winnings. More Beer Less Pants wound up at the top of the heap, earning a spot in the Sporcle Live League Championship April 23 at Doc’s Sports Retreat (central division). We won a $10 gift certificate in game one, missed both finals. It was all in good fun, the three of us – myself (Heather), Mike and Dave were just in the mood to kick back and be “spectators,” since we had no worries about whether we’d get a tournament spot. We were a tad understaffed on a couple of questions. Our team typically operates like a machine on some questions, with different people performing different “jobs” when coming up with answers. On map questions, Mike and Brad are both great at visualizing maps, especially in Europe and Asia, but they work best when together – and I’m decent at rattling off names of nations. When this works, it works very well! Dave and I also work well together on answers, if I said “that woman from O in Ohio,” he’d chime in with the name Parker Posey. Nonetheless, we teamed up as best we could, not doing too badly on the questions that were thrown at us! We wound up finishing in fourth overall for the night with 95 points. And the questions…
Game One
1. Book Inspirations – The works of author William Steig was the inspiration for what film franchise that became the highest-grossing animated film franchise of all time? Miss, though the right film franchise was discussed (this is not the first time this will happen on this night!).
2. Pasta – Meaning “barley” in Italian, what pasta begins and ends with a vowel and is shaped like a grain of rice?
3. Commercials – James Earl Jones and Malcolm MacDowell appear in ads for what telecommunications company reading social media posts dramatically? Miss.
4. World Series – After the New York Yankees, which team has the most World Series wins? Again, discussed the right answer…but it did not wind up on the slip.
5. Disney Songs – “Look at me…I will never pass for a perfect bride or a perfect daughter” is the opening line uttered by a Disney Princess in what film? Again…not even going to say it! You know how this went…miss.
6. Tests – As of 2017, what number is now the top score on the SAT college admissions test? Dave all over this because of his side job as a tutor…woot!
7. 2017 TV – What word is the subtitle to the spinoff of “24,” which premiered in 2017?
8. Bridges – The 1,000 Islands Bridge spans what river separating the U.S. and Canada? Photo tie-in time – Mike and I were here in 1993…it is absolutely GORGEOUS…and the view is as delicious as its namesake salad dressing. Kidding, I don’t really think that salad dressing is delicious! But this view sure is delicious!
9. Rocks – Obsidian, granite and basalt are all types of which of the three general classes of rocks? Yay middle school science. SCIENCE!
10. Song Titles – In the 1990s, the bands Radiohead, Stone Temple Pilots and TLC all recorded songs using what common title? For an extra “nerd” bonus, who recorded this song first out of all of these bands? Both both. “I’m a (blank)….I’m a weirdo…” True story…my brother used to have a cat named for a member of Radiohead named Jonny (RIP). Now Jonny Greenwood’s cat is buried in their yard in the U.P. – I think they even bought a marker.
Mystery – Y Ask Y – All responses will be first or last names beginning with Y – must provide full names.
1. Religious leader immortalized in a bronzed statue in Salt Lake City
2. Country singer with hit songs including “Thinkin’ About You” and “Perfect Love,” and “Down on my Knees”
3. Russian born actor starring in both “The King and I” and “The Ten Commandments”
4. Japanese artist who held “bed-ins” for peace along with her well-known husband in the 1960s
Got them all. Thank goodness Dave knew the country music one (whew!)
Scores: Two teams tied with 38; A-Team, 41; MBLP, 49; Your Mom Says Hi, 55; ‘Pods, 57; and Slick Rock Rumble, 59.
Final Category – NFL coaches
Three NFL head coaches have lost Super Bowls in consecutive years in three different decades. Name two of those coaches.
Came close to getting one of those names right…miss. We wagered zero.
We technically finished third, but the host Elyse gave us the gift card as a prize anyway with consent from second place team Your Mom Says Hi. MBLP was the only team getting this correct.
Game Two
1. Games – What line of audio games by Hasbro instruct players to “pull it” and “twist it?” Snicker….Dave knew this one.
2. NASSA – (aka NASA, an inside Elyse joke….for the record, “NASSA” stands for “National Aeronautic Space Squid Administration.” What else would the second “s” stand for?) – What is the name of NASA’s rover that landed in Mars in 2012 and is still operational today? It would be a warm day on Mars indeed if Mike ever missed a question about Mars rovers, lol!
3. Art – What is a seven-letter word describing a miniature model combining 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional elements and often made using a shoebox?
4. Hockey Players – Wendel Clark, Michael Peca, and Scott Stevens all shared what nickname similar to that of a cereal mascot? Miss.
5. Early Film Characters – What was the name of an early film character played by Charlie Chaplin who races at Venice?
6. European History – What is the two word Latin derived name for an edict delivered by King John that translates to “great charter?”
7. A&E – Duane Chapman, who began starring in his own A&E reality series in 2004, is better known by what nickname?
8. Apps – In the original “Angry Birds” game, what color is the bird that splits into three different birds? Host Elyse asked, “Doesn”t anyone here play this game?” Uh, no, apparently…miss. For an extra nerd bonus, name the Finnish company that created the game. Missed that too.
9. Snacks – What brand’s “Bandito” mascot was retired due to complaints that his name was racially offensive?
10. Guitarists – Who famously set his guitar on fire at the Monterrey Music Festival?
Mystery – This Day in History
1. What company, currently 25th on the Fortune 500 list, was founded in Albuquerque, NM in 1975?
2. In 2003, a film about Amanda Bynes was primarily set in what capital city
3. In 1968, what 39-year-old key figure was shot to death in Memphis
4. In 1944, the star of both “Coach” and “Parenthood” was born
Missed #1 (though we did consider the right guess…let’s see, how many flubs like that this game? I’ve lost count!)
Did not record the scores. I was busy trying to find a missing gift certificate and did not write any of this down…
Final Category – World Geography
Among all countries ending in the same two letters, two of them are on the shores of the Black Sea and are the smallest two in area of those countries. Name those two countries.
Brain farted here, confused one sea for another. This is why it’s good to have TWO “maps guys!” Not terribly disappointed in missing it…
MBLP go the tournament spot with a total of 144 points. Until next time, which will be The Wurst Bartonight for our “team night.” As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Yul Brynner!


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