Trivia Recap – April 6, 2017 – The Wurst Bar

Sometimes the only consolation for having a subpar trivia score is when just about every other team posts a crappy score, too! That was the case Wednesday at The Wurst Bar, for our weekly trivia meetup hosted by Stacy. It was quite a strange gauntlet of questions we had to try to navigate! Who out there actually remembers the first and last name of “Lovey” on “Gilligan’s Island?” Apparently not us! Though our “elder statesman” aka Brad did come close by remembering the actress’ first name. Interestingly enough, the final question answer is also the name of a…OK, I’m not going to give that away! You’ll just have to read on to see that question and the rest of ’em…We finished in first for the night and were the only team getting the final question correct (shout out to John for knowing that answer immediately, nicely done). And the questions…
Round One
1. Famous People – Whom did Michael Jackson marry in May, 1994?
2. Music – What female artist won a Grammy Award for best female artist in 2012 for “Rolling in the Deep?”
3. Places – In what country is the Giza pyramid complex located? This is not exactly how this question was worded, but I could not confirm the correct spelling of the exact pyramid mentioned in the question, but it sounded like “Great Pyramid of Pupu.”
Round Two
1. Authors – Who wrote “The Scarlet Letter” in 1850?
2. Cards – Which of the four kings in a standard deck of cards doesn’t have a mustache?
3. Movies – What 2011 movie starred Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake? For an extra three-point bonus, who co-starred as Jack with Sandra Bullock in “While You Were Sleeping?”
Round Three
1. Dance – What is the ballet term for a full spin on one leg?
2. Rocks- What type of rock is used to make the flat tabletop surface for pool tables?
3. Toys – Tiger Electronics introduced what interactive toy in 1998 which encouraged kids to nurture, teach and play with it? Miss, “Tiger Electronics” threw us here.
Halftime – TV
1. Word preceding ’90s drama series “Life on the Street”
2. First sitcom to be broadcast on videotape instead of film in 1971
3. Series with tagline “Boys will be boys and Jess will be Jess”
4. Name of woman who played Mrs. Howell on “Gilligan’s Island”
Missed #4. And I knew #1 because of a “Family Guy” parody, believe it or not…”Life on Sesame Street.” Who says Seth MacFarlane animated shows can’t teach you stuff? πŸ™‚
We were in second at the half with 37 points, just one behind “Team Pants” out of nine total teams.
Round Four
1. First Names – What was the first name of Dewey, creator of the Dewey Decimal System for libraries? FB clue
2. Sports Mascots – What is the name of the San Francisco 49ers mascot? This question was thrown out and replaced with this one…
2. Minerals – What characteristic of minerals is described by the Mose scale?
3. Products – What was the first flavor or Wrigley’s gum – spearmint or fruit? Miss…
Round Five
1. Comic Strips – What is Dennis the Menace’s last name? Miss.
2. U.S. Politics – Who was the Republican party candidate defeated by Lyndon Johnson in the 1964 presidential race?
3. Poetry – What American poet wrote “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere? Miss.
Round Six
1. Calendar – How many Sundays were there in 2012?
2. RV Firsts – What TV network was the first to use “yellow line” technology to show first downs in 1998? Miss.
3. SCIENCE! – What is the main gas used to prevent divers from getting decompression sickness?
Scores – We were again in second with 53 points, right behind Team Pants with 54 points.
Final Question – What was the name of the first nuclear-powered submarine?
Final Standings: Sister (???), 37; Team Pants, 54 (very surprised they wagered zero…they normally “go big or go home”), and ‘Pods, 106.
Until our next trivia outing, which is TBD. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mr. Wilson!

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