Trivia Recap – April 20, 2017 – Wurst Bar

Our normal “foursome” of ‘Pods plus a “guest star” engaged in a My Trivia Live battle Wednesday at The Wurst Bar, won first place for the night/$30 and our second consecutive 70-plus points game. Scott C. from More Beer Less Pants joined us for part of the game, though our host Stacy initially appeared surprised that we would consort with “the enemy.” In “pirate speak,” we like to call it “parley.” None of our players wound up “walking the plank.” Also, none of our crew “abandoned ship,” which happened briefly in Tuesday’s game, but we’ll tell you more about those pirate shenanigans in THAT recap! Sigh…it truly is a “pirate’s life” for the ‘Pods! And why, oh why is the coffee always gone? And the questions…
Round One
1. Cars – What do the letters MSRP stand for?
2. Celebrities – What addition to Courtney Cox add to her name in 1999?
3. The Bible – What biblical prophet was given the 10 Commandments and also parted the Red Sea? Nice start to the game, got all of these.
Round Two
1. Companies – In terms of the delivery service company, what does the P stand for in UPS?
2. Directors – Who directed “True Lies,” “Rambo: First Blood,” “Aliens,” and “The Terminator?”
3. Music – Reese Witherspoon shares her name with what Lynyrd Skynyrd song? For an extra three point bonus, what “virtual” band consisted of four animated characters named Russell, Noodle, Mandrake and 2D? Extra trivia note – British musician Damon Albarn, who is associated with this band, also co-wrote the soundtrack for the 1999 film “Ravenous,” which is one of the most unusual movie soundtracks I’ve ever heard. The movie is about cannibalism, so you might want to wait until your kids are about 12 or so before watching it with them 😉 Got both parts of this one right…now go see “Ravenous!”
Round Three
1. Candy – Made from sugar, gelatin, corn syrup and food dyes, what candy used the “always in season” slogan for its advertising? And our “guest star” joined us right after we answered this one…
2. Money – What country formerly used a currency called “Pieces of Eight?”
3. Sports – What ex-broadcaster posted a NFL coaching record of 103/22/7, nine NFL playoffs and seven Super Bowl wins? I am not 100 percent on the wording of this question, but Brad was all over this…
No misses yet…
Halftime – As of the 2010 Census, name four of the five most populous U.S. cities beginning with a vowel. When, oh when we will ever learn that EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas? Got three of these correct…
Scores – Thirteen teams – scores 10 to 36, with us sharing the top spot with Team Pants.
Round Four
1. Poets – What American poet wrote “I Sing the Body Electric”? Newsletter answer…
2. Alcohol – What is the name of the vodka brand for which Diddy is the spokesperson and equal share holder?
3. Outlaws – What unarmed outlaw was shot by Robert Ford in the back of the head in 1882?
Round Five
1. Food – What animal’s milk is used to make authentic mozzarella cheese? We had a variation on this same question in Tuesday’s Sporcle Live game, but we missed it in that game…yes, this was good for a rousing bout of laughter.
2. Olympics – In 1968, who was the only American to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics?
3. Video – What company introduced the first VCR to use a VHS tape in 1976? Big hit for John…fist bump!
Round Six
1. Buildings – The Eiffel Tower was the tallest building in the world until what building surpassed it in 1933? A bit of debate, but got this…and thus commenced a brief conversation about “Annie” lyrics…”You will scrub…until this dump…shines like the top of the (building name).” Sometimes the trivia life isn’t much different than the Hard Knock life, right?
2. Celebrity Birthdays – What future Canadian celebrity got some press coverage right after her birth as the country’s “Centennial Baby”, having been the first baby born on July 1, 1967, the 100th anniversary of Canada’s official founding via the Constitution Act? This question was partially resurrected via wikipedia…Scott was all over this one.
3. Movies – What trilogy of movies featured Keanu Reeves as Thomas Anderson?
Scores – Fourteen teams – with us in the top spot with 72 points – an 18 point lead over second place Team Pants.
Final Category – TV
What reality show, currently in its eighth season, aired its first episode to 386 million viewers after the Super Bowl in 2010? Scott and I teamed up on this one with success…and I would not have even thought of this series had it not been for that SNL parody they did involving Kylo Ren (who says humor can’t teach you stuff?).
We finished in first with 109 points, did not recognize the other top finishers.
Well that’s all for now! Our next trivia outing will “probably” be the Sporcle Live league championship on Sunday with our never-before-used majority female lineup! And of course our “three amigos,” who have been together at nearly every trivia tournament since we became a team in 2012 (Brad only missed one in May, 2016 when he was at a Vermont dog show). We’ll see y’all in the next recap! Stay classy, Billy the Kid, and Go Pods!

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