Trivia Recap – April 26, 2017 – Johnny’s Grille

We had our first game of the Sporcle Live season Tuesday at Johnny’s Grill in Belleville, hosted by Sporcle Live with J.R., whom we hear was subbing for the venue’s new regular host Live Trivia with Robyn Sporcles. We finished in first for the night with 130 points and won a $10 gift card in game one – despite blowing the first question of the night for 10 points – and having to wager zero on a final question about racing. Forgive us, we might know a few things and stuff, but we ain’t so confident in the category of “racing!” Myself (Heather), Mike and Dave fielded the gauntlet of questions, which included some very interesting topics! This season, our team is trying something different…we are playing one game a week in the league’s “central” division, (at least) one game a week in the league’s “west” division, and continuing to play weekly My Trivia Live games. Our new slogan is – “Two Divisions, Two Leagues.” As for whether our game plan will be successful or not? Only Cthulhu knows for sure! We’re looking forward to the challenge…speaking of challenges, here’s the question set from Tuesday!
Game One
1. ’90s Movies – What actor plays the “title” character in the 1991 film “Hook?” Miss for 10. Thud!
2. Ailments – A peak flow meter is a device used by someone suffering from what ailment? I used to suffer from this ailment, so yup, I know what that thing is…9
3. Board Games – what is the first non-purchasable space after the “Go” spot on a standard Monopoly board? And apparently our team was “going” nowhere fast…miss for 3.
4. First Number One Hits – What 1984 song features a prominent saxophone riff and was the first number one hit for George Michael? Not only did I used to suffer from asthma but I happened to play this instrument…and learned to play this riff when I was in middle school band #dork…8
5. War – In 1956, the Seven Years War began when England declared war on what other country? 6
6. Coke – (we joked about what kind of “coke” this would be about) – Within 2, in what year did Coca-Cola launch its “Always Coca Cola” advertising campaign featuring computer-animated polar bears? Latched onto the “computer animated’ clue here, but used our re-rack to hedge our bets with success for 4.
7. Baseball – In 2007, which MLB team was the first to lose 10,000 games in its history? Cardinals, Pirates, Phillies, or Cubs? Miss for 1.
8. National Parks – Petrified Forest National Park is located in which U.S. state? Helpful that my parents took a vacation here (even though I was not with them), 2.
9. Logos – What food product launched in 1848 features a young girl in a yellow raincoat walking with an umbrella? 7
10. TV – What cable series airing from 2008 to 2014 featured characters named Juice, Piney, Half-Sack and Opie? Thankfully David was all over this one…also got the bonus for naming what network this series aired on.
Mystery – Quickfire – Name four stand-up comics in Spike Lee’s “Original Kings of Comedy.” Dave and I teamed up here and got them all. In truth, Dave named three of these right away and I helped come up with one more name when he mentioned how the fourth guy died (teamwork).
Seven teams (I think)…We were in third with 53 points behind Slick Rock Rumble with 54 points and More Beer Less Pants, who had 60 points. Hmmm, wonder what question(s) they missed?
Final Category – Auto Racing
Within the last 10 years, the Indianapolis 500 has been won by drivers from three different countries outside of North America or Europe.
Name two of those three countries.
Nobody managed to name both countries correctly. Zero betters took the game, final standings ‘Pods, 53; Slick Rock Rumble, 54.
Game Two
1. Iconic Actors – Cal Trask, Jet Rink and Jim Stark were all characters played by what actor who died at the age of 24? 3
2. NFL Teams – Which NFL team was awarded its franchise on Nov. 1, 1966? Former Catholic schoolboy Dave gets this one for 10.
3. Dinosaurs – What type of dinosaur has armored plates and is sometimes called “roof lizard” or “covered lizard?” 9
4. Inventions – From the word meaning “to gather,” what is the name for the tool developed by Cyrus McCormick? Put a bit of thought into this, but nope…miss for 5.
5. Commercials – Audio clue of talking animal, had to identify what type of animal, Mike was surprisingly all over this for 4.
6. Islands – Inspired by a a British earl and not a food, what is the name for a group of islands named by James Cook and located in the south Atlantic?
7. Classic Rock – What Lynyrd Skynyrd song hit the Billboard Hot 100 charts twice in the 1970s – once with a live version of a song, and once with a studio version of the same song? For an extra “nerd” point, what Skynyrd song was their first song and their only Billboard top 10 hit? Got both parts.
8. International Organizations – In what decade was the United Nations founded? Used our re-rack with success here.
9. TV Hosts – Who has hosted “No Reservations” and “Parts Unknown?” FB clue…
10. Cars – What Japanese automaker makes the MX5 and was also known for making the Miata?
Mystery – Missed #4. Technical difficulties…one of our players with a smart device did not get this pulled up in time to “check” the answer the other two had come up with…boo!
Scores: Seven teams – We were in fifth with 57, and the top three spots were Slick Rock, 61; Dr. T and the Women, 62; and MBLP, 64.
Final Category – Drummers
In 2011, Rolling Stone magazine’s readers picked their top 10 best drummers of all time. Ringo Starr of the Beatles came in at #5. Name 2 of the other 9 drummers on the list.
Dave and I came up with two of the guys right away. Unfortunately, they were very far down the list, so we almost thought we didn’t get it! No money for us, too many other teams ahead of us wagered and got it. Game winners – You’re Killing Me Smalls, 80; and MBLP, 82. Until next time, which will be The Wurst Bar tonight for our weekly MTL game. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Captain Hook!

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