Trivia Recap – May 3, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

Some new trivia “mantras” for us to chant before games…”Everything’s bigger in Texas….everything’s bigger in Texas…everything’s bigger in Texas.” Yup…just to clarify, everything’s bigger in Texas! And in case you missed it the first couple of times around….yeah, I’ll stop now! A trio of ‘Pods played some Sporcle Live trivia Tuesday at Johnny’s Grill hosted by Sporcle Live with Antonio, who was subbing for the night. We finished with an abysmal 83 points for the night, and in fifth place overall, thanks to flunking both final questions. AND FORGETTING THAT EVERYTHING IS BIGGER IN TEXAS. Ahem…our first prizeless night at this place in quite a while. Shout out to team “You’re Killing Me, Smalls” for finishing in first for the night and for getting a first place “sweep.” And the game questions…
Game One
1. Bankruptcy – What electronics superstore originally founded in 1949 as the Ward’s Company declared bankruptcy in the late 2000s, closing all of its stores? Cautious wager of 4, but got it.
2. College Sportsball – The University of Louisville sports teams are members of which athletic conference? David with correct guess for 1.
3. Plants – What tropical plant was the most common natural source of blue pigment before the era of synthetic chemicals? That’s a plant? Who knew? Apparently not us, miss for 3.
4. TV Shows – On what cable TV series does William H. Macy star as Frank Gallagher? For an extra “nerd” bonus, in what city is this series primarily set? Got both for 10.
5. The Navy – Which East Coast state is home to the world’s largest naval base? Mike’s first hit of the night for 9.
6. Song Lyrics – In the lyrics of the hit song “Love Shack,” what is on the mattress, on the highway, and on the front porch?
7. Babies – Occurring in 2-3 percent of births, what is the term used to describe babies who are born feet first or bottom first instead of head first?
8. Missing Persons – Within one, in what year did Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa go missing? Got the year exact, my first big solo “hit” of the night, woot!
9. Artists – Who painted “The Girl with the Pearl Earring?” A lot of colorful (and profane) discussion here, and some rude finger gestures. But nope…you had to be there, but we hear our discussion of this answer was kind of entertaining to people sitting near us! #neveradullmomentwiththepods Miss…
10. Disney Music – In the “Lion King” movie, which character sings a song titled “Be Prepared?” Discussed the right talking animal, but missed this…
Mystery – Before and After
1. Michael Jackson song with lyrics “Bloodstains on the carpet” and TV show with spin-offs called “Suspicious Behavior” and “Beyond Borders”
2. Current host of “Family Feud” and name of district attorney in “Batman” who becomes the villain Two-Face
3. Lyricist for the “Star Spangled Banner” and the group of sharps placed after the clef to indicate the tonality of a piece of music
4. Star of the “Seven Year Itch” and U.S. policy of opposing European colonialism under our fifth president
Got them all.
Scores – Ten teams – scores 28 to 62, with You’re Killing Me, Smalls in first. We were in third with 57 tied with the team Spanish Inquisition.
Final Category – Reality TV (groan)
Since the category was introduced in 2003, only three shows have won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality Competition Program. The Amazing Race has won the award the most of the three, winning ten times.
Name either of the other two shows.
Nope. We wagered just six points, missed this…
Final Standings: Four Goals, 73; You’re Killing Me, Smalls, 82.
Game Two
1. Restaurant Chains – What theme restaurant chain was launched in 1991 with backing by Sylvester Stallone, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger?
2. Magazines – “Faces in the Crowd,” “Just My Type” and “The Point After” are all regular columns in what magazine that was first published in what decade for an extra “nerd” bonus point? Got the bonus, but not the main points.
3. Sunglasses – what maker of suglasses did Tom Cruise help promote by donning Wayfarers in “Risky Business” and Aviators in “Top Gun?”
4. Astrology – What traditional sign of the Western zodiac begins near the end of November?
5. Monuments – What monument is located at the site that was previously known as Cougar Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountains and Slaughterhouse Mountain? FB clue…
6. Ratings – What video game developer introduced the video game rating council to rate all video games released in the U.S. in 1993? Multiple choices given, did not rite them all down, but we missed this.
7. Guitar Solos – Audio clue of guitar solo of a song by an English band.
8. Hairstyles – What hairstyle is created by gathering hair in one hand and rotating it upwards until it turns against the head and is secured with pins? Miss for 5… Kimberly, this sounds like an answer you would know!
9. Government – Which cabinet-level department administers OSHA?
10. Beer Slogans – Which specific brand of beer from Budweiser introduced in 1989 used the slogan “Why Ask Why?”
Visual Mystery – ` We missed #2 and #4.
Scores – Nine teams, scores 29 to 62, with Smalls again in first. We were in foruth with 53, right behind More Beer Less Pants, who was in third with 57 points.
Final Category – Sports Geography
What U.S. city is the most populous metropolitan area that is NOT home to an NHL team?
Again, repeat after me, kids…everything’s bigger where? NO, not Indiana! No recess for you! 🙂
Final Standings- MBLP, 73; Smalls, 82. Until next time, which will be tonight at The Wurst Bar for a Stacy-hosted game. We will have a special “guest star” joining us tonight. Though he prefers to be called a “hired gun.” OK, you got it…”hired gun.”

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