Trivia Recap – May 5, 2017 – Original Gravity

It was just one of “those” games that your mama told you about…narrowly edged out of prize money after losing out on a THREE WAY TIEBREAKER FOR FIRST, getting a final question right and NOT wagering any points on it, making some big points flubs in the second game. Indeed, Mama said there’d be games like these. And what Mama would probably say is, “Keep your chin up, you can’t win ’em all, honey. But don’t give up.” We still amazingly managed to finish in third overall for the night with 121 points at Original Gravity Brewing Co. This was our second Sporcle Live game of the season Thursday, and wil have our work cut out for us as we attempt to win gift cards and at the end, a coveted tournament spot! Still too early to tell how things will shake out at this spot, we’ll just have do like Frank Drebin in “The Naked Gun” said and feel things out, like a blind man in an orgy. Yeah…you can go ahead and keep visualizing a blind man in an orgy if you want, but here are the questions…
Game One
1. Ingredients – What ingredient must be used in order for a dish to be called “florentine?” Hint, it’s NOT Fiorence Henderson, lol…
2. Same Name – What name is shared by a “Monkees” member and is also the owner of a locker where drowned sailors are said to rest?
3. Mascots – What NFL team has a mascot called “Poe?” Yay a sports question we can use big points slip on…how rare!
4. Directors – What Academy Award winning director’s credits include “On the Waterfront,” “East of Eden,” and “A Streetcar Named Desire?”
5. National Parks – Arches National Park is located in which U.S. state? Montana, California, Utah, or New Mexico? Mike comes up with right guess before the multiple choices were read.
6. Math – What is the cube root of 343? Mike all over this one, thank goodness, I don’t even know what a cube root is! He even showed his work…
7. Beverages – What beverage brand was kown for its popular advertisements in the 1990s and featured Wendy Kaufman reading letters from fans – and was also the favorite beverage of Elaine on “Seinfeld?” FB clue…
8. Animals – A ferrier works with what type of animal?
9. Animated TV – Audio clue of animated series we don’t watch featuring H.Jon Benjamin.
10. Stocks – What home furnishings company is traded on the NYSE under the symbol LZB?
Mystery – This Day in History
On this day in…
1. 2012 – What movie was released that spawned a sequel in 2015, and will spawn another called “Infinity War” in 2018?
2. 1979 – Who became the first woman to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
3. 1953 – What author awarded the Pulitzer Prize for “The Old Man and the Sea?”
4. 1959 – What annual entertainment awards was held the first time in 1959?
Missed #4.
Scores- Thirteen teams, scores 33 to 63, with three teams tied for first – us, playing under the “Star Wars” inspired named “Revenge of the Bith,” Mellows, and Good King Snugglewumps.
Final Category – Names
According to the 1990, 2000, and 2010 U.S. censuses, the top five most popular surnames in the U.S. have remained the same. Smith has ranked #1 each time.
Name three of the next four most popular surnames in the U.S.
We came up with two correct ones right away, and agonized a bit over getting the third, but got it…but so did the other two teams tied with us, so… We had to send one representative to answer this tiebreaker: In what year were the New York Giants founded? I was way off, the other two teams got prizes…turns out we sent up the wrong representative to answer this one! Maybe this should have been called a ‘heartbreaker” question instead? Sigh….moving on!
Game Two (SPOILER – grab a hanky, this game will be a tearjerker!)
1. Slogans – “Must See TV” was a slogan used by what TV network during the 1990s? Cautious bet of 3, but got it.
2. Online Businesses – What online auction host owned PayPal from 2002 to 2013? Another cautious bet of 5, boy this strategy will bite us in the ass in a bit…
3. Book to Movie – What 2000 film is based on a novel by the same name and featured Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey and Haley Joel Osment? And another cautious bet of 4.
4. Restaurants – What family entertainment business has used the slogan, “Where a kid can be a kid?” We had a knock-off version of one of these joints in a town near where I grew up, it was called “Huckleberry Junction.” Animatronic farm animals on a stage, video games, skeeball, whack-a-mole (used to cheat at that game), pizza, etc. And apparently this was a popular hangout for tweens who wanted to try ALL of the gateway activities…shut your mouth, I was NOT one of those tweens! I was WAY too uncool for that…but I did hear some things and stuff!
5. Power – Name one of the two U.S. states to have the largest number of nuclear reactors. Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus point. Nope…miss for 6.
6. Non-profits – What charitable organization was founded as the East London Christian Mission in 1865? Latched a little too much on the “Christian” hint…BIG miss for 9.
7. Measurements – Is a nautical mile longer or shorter than a mile on land? Our “son of a Navy man Brad might’ve been all over this one, but he was not in attendance…miss for 8. Remember all of those cautious correct guesses we had earlier? Sigh…
8. Empires – Suliman the Magnificent (is this an awesome name, or what?) was the 10th and longest reigning emperor or which empire from 1520 to 1566? Yay points…Mike all over ancient history stuff.
9. Technology – Within two, in what year were DVD players first available to the public? Got this within 2, yay…
10. Rooms – What is the name for a room in a dwelling typically used for receiving guests and also a name for a funeral home or beauty salon? A softball to end things…for low points. Come into my (blank), boy, said the spider to the fly….”
Visual Mystery – Missed #2. Looks like a “Full House” knockoff, though…
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 38 to 60, with team Mellows in first. We were, like our cephalopod mascots, bottom dwelling in this round…and wishing we could hide under a nice…cozy….rock. Sigh…I am SO there!
Only four bands or artists have sent a NEW song into the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in all four decades of the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and the 2010s.
Name two of those four bands or artists. Our bar only had to name one.
After blowing so many big points this round we were gun-shy about wagering on this.
Only four bands or artists have sent a NEW song into the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in all four decades of the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and the 2010s.
Name two of those four bands or artists.
And of course, we knew this answer…where’s my mama? Oh yes, she was in bed, because she’s not an insane woman vainly chasing trivia glory in a bar 20 miles away! Though she has been to a few trivia games…she does have a good head for facts…and loves Jeopardy!
Final Standings: Good King Snugglewumps, and Big Heads, Big Hearts (who was playing under the clever pseudonym “Team #10…” nicely played, nicely played!).
We’ll see if if we can get out of this prizeless slump in next week’s game! And if I can persuade my discouraged trivia partner to join me…well, that’s it for this week, folks, as always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Suliman the Magnificent!

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