Trivia Recap – June 24, 2016 – Original Gravity

A couple of ‘Pods visited Original Gravity Brewing Co. for Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC in Milan Thursday – mainly as a means of “making up” for having to miss our regular game Tuesday at Heidelberg. Those trivia “itches” don’t scratch themselves! It was a pleasant night for a southerly cruise down Carpenter Road, which is kind of pretty in its more rural stretches. Much prettier than the area near Carpenter/Ellsworth, where you’d find Home Depot, Lowe’s, Meijer, Target and all manner of strip mall businesses jammed together for a guaranteed aggravating driving experience. Nope, this was a peaceful cruise through farm fields and sprawling home lots to a small town, not too different from the mid-Michigan town in which I grew up. A little town with a commonly mispronounced name, kind of like Milan. Where if you pronounce the name the way you think it should be pronounced, you will be quickly corrected! We tied with More Beer Less Pants for first with 110 points for the night and a $10 gift card in game one, but utterly failed the game two final about state capitals, which is normally a decent category for us. One in fifty chance, right? On to the questions…
Game One
1. Brand Names – What company makes Band-Aids? 5 points.
2. Documentaries – What is the name of the 2005 documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman? 10
3. Musical Collaborations – Bernie Taupin was an English lyricist best known for his collaboration with what songwriter? Mike to Heather: “How do you know this answer?” Heather: “Didn’t you see that ‘South Park’ episode where (name) was writing really stupid songs until Chef talked him into finding a good lyrics writer? It was the ‘Chef Aid’ episode.” And eventually this person and other musical artists come to Chef’s Aid by performing in a benefit concert so he can pay his legal fees. So maybe this isn’t actually how I “knew” the answer, but felt it was the best way to explain to Mike! Got this for 9.
4. Salad – What Middle Eastern salad dish is made with mixed greens and toasted pita bread, among other ingredients? 8
5. Sportsball Nicknames – I did not hear this question very well, but it involved two different athletes from two different sports who shared the same nickname. We missed it for 7. If someone else does a recap today and includes this question, I will edit the post later.
6. Emmy Winners (ugh so worried about this category…) – Michael Chiklis won a 2002 Emmy for outstanding lead actor for his role in what drama series? Yay, a show we actually watched! Got kind of old fast, though…got this for 6.
7. Reptiles – What type of reptile has a carapace? 5.
8. Children’s Literature – What kind of toll booth was the subject of both a 1970 film and a children’s book title? And Mike pulled this one from the depths. And of course I asked how he knew it, but his story is not as interesting as the “South Park” story, just something he remembered from being a nerdy kid. Got this for 3.
9. Bodies of Water – What two countries border the Bay of Biscay? Mike for 2.
10. Before Becoming President (before this question was asked, I joked that they would ask which president was a pimp before becoming president, to which the answer, of course, is Thomas Jefferson, who had quite the slave harem. Now I’m picturing him in a pimp outfit complete with an ostrich feather hat…yeah, try being in this mind for a minute, lol!) – Before becoming president, Harry Truman was a senator from which state? For extra nerd point, what was his wife’s name? And the “nerd” point proved to be easier for this trivia crowd than the main question, but we got both for only 1.
Mystery: Add ’em Up (ugh, these can be DEATH!) The sum of the numbers required in the answers will add up to the numbers in a perfect square.
1. Which season of American Idol was won by Fantasia?
2. Number of different characters someone can play in Mario Brothers Part Two?
3. Number of brothers in the Baldwin family?
4. Number of current sportsball (NFL) teams with bird mascots?
I tried to write down possibilities for #3 and #4 while Mike worked on the other two answers. We managed to get #2 and #4 correct. Curse you, false Baldwin brother! I wrote down one too many Baldwins…I think it was Adam, but not sure. Not going to check. But we got the sportsball one right, so woot!
Standings Twelve teams scores ranging from 8 to 60, with More Beer Less Pants in the lead. We were right behind them with 57, which would not have happened without that 7 point flub. Jussayn. No crying over spilled trivia. Moving on…
Final Category: Cartoon Characters
What cartoon character that first appeared in the 2nd half of the 20th century was the only fictional character to appear on Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century?
I started writing down possibilities of ‘toon characters who may have been created after the ’50s. Mighty Mouse, Bullwinkle, Wonder Woman, Scooby Doo, George Jetson, Fred Flintstone, then Mike suggests Homer Simpson…and bam, Mike gets that lightbulb above the head and I get to stop writing. Good thing, too, I would not have come up with this person on my own! Nice work, Mike! And he tries to say he doesn’t pull his weight on the team (pssst…don’t listen to a thing he says).
Final standings: ‘Pods (playing under the name Team Ramrod, a nod to the Broken Lizard question asked last week), 77, More Beer Less Pants, 80.
Game Two
1. Classic Rock – What day of the week is part of a Lynyrd Skynyrd title? And I was so excited about this category, damn it! Had a one in seven chance of getting it correct, but nope. For nerd point, had to name current lead singer of LS. Assuming they’d all died in a plane crash, I had no clue, so I put the name of the singer whom I thought had died and put “ghost” after it. WE GOT CREDIT FOR IT! I pulled a “Homer” and succeeded despite idiocy, woot! So 1 plus 1.
2. TV Love Interests – On what TV series did John Corbett play a love interest named Aidan Shaw? And I completely fail at some “woman” stuff, including knowing anything about this show…and just so we’re clear – a “shoegasm” is not the same as a real orgasm! Nope, no “triviagasms” happening here. Miss for 2. Love burning small point slips early (not).
3. Olympic Hosts – Which two Australian cities have hosted the Summer Olympics? 10
4. Artists – What artist known for painting of large blossoms was called the Mother of Modernism? 9
5. Companies – Founded in 1923, what toy company that originally produced textiles and school supplies is the second largest toy company in the world? Miss for 4.
6. Constellations – What constellation name means “big bear?” FB Clue, 8.
7. ’80s Hits – Audio clue of song by a famous ’80s duo whom we have already posted about on the page. Easy musical clue for our team, yay, thanks Mom for playing lots and lots of their songs when I was a kid! Seriously, you have no idea how much my mom’s musical obsessions have helped out on trivia nights! Also, she subscribed to “Rolling Stone” and I would read them.
8. Government Agencies – What government agency is responsible for regulating broadcast communications among other things? 6.
9. Skin Care – What Proctor & Gamble company uses the slogan “Love the Skin You’re In?” Miss for 5.
10. Artifacts – The Rosetta Stone was rediscovered in what country? 3
Visual Mystery: Got them all.
Standings: Eleven teams, scores ranging from 35 to 65, unsure of the name of the team in first place, which was tied with Blondie and the Night Shift. We were in second with 53 points.
Final Category: State Capitals
What U.S. capital city is the third-longest serving capital in the United States, has the oldest capitol building still in use, and is also the smallest capital city in terms of land area?
Put a lot of thought into this, and even had 41 capital city names jotted down to mull over. Nope…did not catch the final standings. Until next time, which will be the YpsiAlehouse on Sunday. As always, Go Pods and stay classy, everyone!


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