Trivia Recap – May 12, 2017 – Original Gravity

Meh. That’s probably the best way to describe our Sporcle Live game Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. We were just barely edged out of prize money in game one for the second week in a row – this time finishing just one point out of the prize zone. Last week we were also barely edged out of the money, losing on a three-way tiebreaker for first. We finished in third overall for the night. Any high points? Lemme think think think….Well, we got the first final question correct and wagered points on it, and moved up a bit in the overall standings. Conquering this trivia spot in the long run will be a challenge, since we don’t often have more than 1-2 players available to play most Thursdays. But challenges are nothing new for our team! And the questions…
Game One
1. Annoying Songs – Ranked third on Rolling Stone’s list of 20 most annoying songs, what song was performed by the Baja Men? If Mike had an “annoying songs” list, it would start at one million, lol…
2. Health – HDL and LDL respectively are often known as “good” and “bad” types of what substance that is linked to heart health?
3. Best-selling books – What 1852 anti-slavery book by Harriet Beecher Stowe was the second best selling book in the 19th century after the Bible? Now, was the qualifier “anti-slavery” really necessary here? I mean, what else did this author write? Jussayn, not to nitpick!
4. Mobile Apps – Ghostface Chillah is the mascot for what mobile app? Miss, we are all way too old to know about this app, other than that our 16-year-old niece Anabel loves it!
5 Cable TV – The shows “Extreme Couponing,” “What Not to Wear,” and “My Strange Addiction” all air on what network? For nerd bonus point, which one has aired the most episodes? Missed the main points, but got the bonus.
6. European Countries – After Zurich, what is the next most populous city in Switzerland?
7. Disney Movie Characters – In a live action Disney movie, what character uses a tape measure to find that she is practically perfect in every way? We went with a more evil character than the correct one and did not realize this character was so vain, miss…
8. Clothing – What line of T-shirts marketed by Generra changed color with heat? I remember my mom didn’t want to buy these because they were too expensive…also remember that my brother liked this line of clothing, and had one of their denim jackets that I would sometimes “borrow.” I think I actually paid him a couple of bucks once to be able to wear it for a day #siblingrivalrybuildscharacter
9. Sports Origins – Friedric Ludwig Jann of Germany is considered to be the father of what sport, seen often during the Olympics? FB clue…
10. Collections – Jerry Seinfeld bought and renovated a large Manhattan building to house his collection of what? We discussed another thing this guy is known to have a lot of, but ultimately picked the right “thing…”
Mystery – Quickfire – Besides Michael, name four of the other original members of the “Jackson Five.” We managed to name three correct guys, one of the guys we picked was in the Jacksons, but not the Jackson Five.
Scores – Thirteen teams, scores 30 to 66, with team Mott in first. We were in fifth playing under the moniker Bastard Squad. It was a TV show mentioned in passing in the short-lived British TV series “The Young Ones.” An obscure pop culture reference to be sure, but it still checks out! Show of hands – who would watch a series called “Bastard Squad?” I know I would 🙂 And now I am deciding that “The Young Ones” wins the photo tie-in for this recap even though it had absolutely nothing to do with any of the questions that were asked! Hey, at least I am owning up to that fact. And what are you waiting for? Watch that series, already! 🙂
Final Category – Academy Award Nominations
Bradley Cooper has been nominated for an Academy Award in an acting category for his work in three films.
Name those three films.
We only had to name TWO films. And I actually wish we had to name all three! But this is something that is up to the host’s discretion, I know, I know…and I’ll stop whining!
Game winners: Good King Snugglewumps, 80; Big Heads, Big Hearts, 81.
Game Two
1. Cooking Terms – What term commonly associated with tea describes the processing of extracting flavor/color from a food item by bringing it to just below the boiling point?
2. Languages – What Native American language was used as an Allied code during World War 2?
3. Company Names – The Fortune 500 company formerly known as “American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus” is better known by what name? Mike all over this one instantly…
4. Hitchcock – What 1948 Alfred Hitchcock film starring James Stewart shares its name with a weapon from “Clue?” This was a movie? Who knew? Not us! Miss…
5. NFL Teams – Which NFL team is the only one to have a one-sided helmet logo? And for nerd bonus, who has coached this team since 2007? Got both thanks to Brad…
6. Netflix – Audio clue of series that debuted in 2016. Miss…do not even recall what series the answer was…
7. Animal Terms – The skin covering antlers shares its name with what type of fabric material?
8. Country Hits – “Little Big Town” reached #1 on the U.s. country charts in 2012 and was about what type of boat? We opted for a more luxurious boat than was needed, miss.
9. Fictional Characters – What fictional character was originally named Fifi and originated in a story called “Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys?” Big duh here, miss.
10. U.S. Islands – South Padre Island is part of which U.S. state?
Visual Mystery –, got all of these.
Scores – Ten teams, scores 37 to 60, with Dirt Stank in first. We were in fifth (again) with 54 points.
Final Category – Whiskey
All sizes and all else being equal, put these Johnny Walker versions in order from least expensive to most expensive:
Red Label
Blue Label
Green Label
Black Label
We wagered zero on this…but hey, well played with this question, Sporcle, well played! The only players who were likely to get this one right would be a: hard-core whiskey connoisseurs, or b: someone who works or has worked in the business of selling this stuff (ahem) or c: someone who just made a lucky guess or d: any combination of the previously mentioned things.
Game winners: More Beer Less Pants, 71; Rude Bader Ginsburg, 78. Until the next recap! And there “may” be one before next Wednesday! Or maybe not…as always, Go Pods, and stay classy, The Young Ones!

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