Trivia Recap – May 16, 2017 – Powell’s Pub

A couple of us decided to squeeze in an “extracurricular” trivia game Monday night, hitting up an old semi-frequent haunt, aka Powell’s Pub for its My Trivia Live scene. The campfire pit out back was a nice place to hang out – and warm up a little bit! We didn’t win any prizes. This bar is currently undergoing some renovations, a couple of new “booths” have been put in, and the 15-year-old carpet has been replaced. More renovations are rumored to be in the works. And the questions…speaking of questions, we were warned by host George before the game began that the person who wrote this question set has a particular fondness for the weird and obscure. Fair warning!
Round One
1. Dogs – What is one of the two dog breeds that have black tongues instead of pink? Brad, do you know the answer to this one? Miss for 1.
2. Musicians – What signature Buddy Holly item was missing from 1959 to 1980 but they were later recovered in manila envelope in a courhouse? The word “they” was a big clue here…
3. Coffee – What U.S. state grows the most coffee commercially? Miss for 3. Real face slap when the answer was revealed. Duh…
Round Two
1. ’80s Writers/Producers – What ’80s writer/producer based his works in the fictional town of Shermer, IL which was the setting for movies including “Weird Science” and “Pretty In Pink?”
2. Phrases – Which American founding father originated the phrase “separation of church and state” when writing a letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in 1802?
3. Drugs – What drug, commonly used cosmetically, has also been used to treat migraines and for underarm perspiration? For an extra three-point bonus, which drug, now illegal, was commonly used by fighter pilots during World War 2? Got the points here.
Round Three
1. Internet – Back Rub was the original name of what popular search engine?
2. English Class – “The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Sleeping Dog” is an example of what? Host George gave the points if you described this, an extra two points if you gave the specific term. No teams got the two-point bonus.
3. Languages – What dead classical language is an option on ATMs in Vatican City? I want to use one of these and see if I can figure out how to take out money in Latin!
Halftime – Name four of the five top-grossing animated films worldwide that are computer-generated and have been released since 2000. Got three of these, but ALMOST had all four. Tsk, tsk, committee thinking…
Scores – Did not record halftime scores, we were in second with 32 points behind One is the Loneliest Number.
Round Four
1. Famous People – Princess Diana was seventh cousin to what American actor? Newsletter clue…
2. Museums – What U.S. museum caught fire and caused the destruction of a couple of Monet’s “water lilies” paintings? Miss for 2.
3. U.S. states – What east coast state was the main setting for HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire?”
Round Five
1. Delusions – What multi-player online game features an item called “delusion of grandeur?”
2. Governmental Departments – Name one of the two cabinet level departments created under the Jimmy Carter administration.
3. Symbols – What logo created in the 1950s by Gerald Holtem and was used as part of a campaign promoting nuclear disarmament?
Round Six
1. NFL – Who is tied with Chuck Noll for having the second most Super Bowl rings – with two as a defensive coordinator – and five as head coach? We went with the guy who was #13 on the list…miss.
2. Authors – Which famous children’s author was a Cadbury chocolate tester, where he got his inspiration for his most famous work?
3. 2000s Movies – What 2000 movie had Sandra Bullock playing a character named Gracie Freebush, aka Miss New Jersey?
Sixty-four points going into the final, second place behind One is the Loneliest Number, who had 67 points.
Final Category – Real Estate
What heiress and socialite built Mar-A-Lago in the 1920s and bequeathed it to the National Parks Service upon her death in 1973? Should have bet zero, no teams got this…Anyone who wagered low or zero won prizes. We’ll see you all in the next recap! Go Pods, and stay classy, John Bender from “The Breakfast Club!”

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