Trivia Recap – May 17, 2017 – Johnny’s Grille

For every 10 trivia questions you miss involving names of sportsball players, the expensiveness of whiskey (I’m still seeing red over that one), colors of dog tongues, names of obscure heiresses, and reality TV? You get one of “those” questions that taps into your own storehouse of bizarre knowledge, tucked away “just in case” it ever, ever gets asked about in a trivia game. Yes, we had one of “those” questions Tuesday in our Sporcle Live game at Johnny’s Grill in Belleville – it was an audio clue where we had to name either of the specific characters who were speaking in an ’80s movie clip. As for the game, we brought just a couple of players this time, didn’t finish so well for the night, finishing in fifth with 103 points. We had quite a few flubs in game one, and missed the final question, but had a much better time of it in game two, only missing a couple of regular round/mystery questions and that SPORTSBALL FINAL QUESTION. Which we predicted would happen, though we wanted to be wrong. So we wagered zero on it, and it turned out to be really, really tough. It was almost agonizing watching the other teams trying to come up with answers for it! Hey, we don’t “like” wagering zero, but when you’re playing with a skeleton crew and your knowledge on the final category subject ain’t so hot? Well…no teams got it, so we wound up winning a first place/$20 gift certificate in game two. It’s been a challenge for us fielding players on Sporcle Live nights, and are usually hard-pressed to come up with more than 2! But we are putting forth an effort! And on to the questions…
Game One
1. Presidents – Who was the first and so far only Roman Catholic to become president of the United States?
2. Company Names – What Japanese company’s name translates to three diamond shapes, which is also the symbol used for this company? Miss, though we considered the right answer…
3. State Borders – Which two U.S. states make up the eastern border of Colorado? Mike worked really hard on this drawing a map, and he was really, really torn between two states, one of which would have been correct. Miss.
4. Academy Awards – What actor’s most recent acting nominations have been for ‘The Quiet American,” “Hannah and her Sisters,” and “The Cider House Rules? Back on the map…
5. Handheld Objects – Often found in religious ceremonies, what item is called an apergillem? Mike was sure of this answer, but because of our previous two flubs, didn’t want to wager much of anything. So I did the next best thing – wrote the answer on our biggest points slip and handed it in! Yay, we got it…
6. Photo Finish – According to track and field rules, a “photo finish” is decided when the head, chest, hand or foot crosses the finish line? Mike again with the right answer.
7. Literary Characters – What 1945 book features horses named Boxer, Molly and Clover? Nope…
8. Physics – In physics, what property is described by mass times acceleration? And is this from Newton’s first, second of third law of physics? Mike again for the points (and he says his guesses are always wrong…). Speaking of wrong guesses, read on!
9. Cable TV – First airing in 2011, what award-winning Showtime series is based on the Israeli series “Prisoners of War?” Nope, David probably would have helped here…
10. Board Games – What board came has called itself the “game of sweet revenge?” Mike again. Despite all of our misses, Mike was really on fire for this round! Nice job!
Now for a mystery round to really twist that knife into our wounds! Yes, please!
Mystery – Anagrams – 2017 Music – All correct answers are solo artists or groups who had #1 hits in 2017
1. Erased Hen
2. Bam Rumors
3. Kick Nerd Alarm
4. Knew the End
Got one of these…ouch
Scores – seven teams, scores 32 to 63 with Slick Rock Rumble in first. We were in fourth playing under the name “Your Mom Says Hi from Whore Island,” More Beer Less Pants was in third with 57 points.
Final Category – Legislation
Legislation known by the abbreviations FERPA, NCLB, and IDEA have been most closely related to which Federal Executive Department?
We misunderstood this question and thought we had to provide a non-cabinet level department (silly us). We wagered 8 points. Top standings remained the same – And Then There Was Fun, 78; Slick Rock, 83.
Game Two
1. Medical Conditions – What disorder causes overwhelming daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleepiness?
2. Celebrity Marriages – What actress, who would later win an Academy Award for best actress, was married to MLB player David Justice from 1992 to 1997? I actually recognized this guy’s name because I recently watched “Moneyball.” Still couldn’t pull this correct answer…Miss.
3. Ships – The Rainbow Warrior, shot down in 1985 by agents in the French secret service, was part of a fleet belonging to what environmental organization?
4. Cartoons- In the Cartoon Network series Ed, Edd and Eddy, what type of candy are they always trying to buy? Mike with correct guess pulled from (ahem)…
5. Terms – What is the two-word term for the rectangular section of the tennis court that serves as the boundary for the area for the serve is supposed to land?
6. ’80s Movies – Audio clip where this quote was read: Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster and the theory of Atlantis?
Response: Ah, if there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.
Had to name either of the characters from this movie. This one appeared to be a stumper, but we got this one. Yes, we’re weird and know some weird things! And no, sports championships is NOT weird enough! Now let’s talk about the Miskatonic University Water Polo team! You would NOT want to compete against them! 🙂 And their mad scientist club is the best in the world!
7. Alphabets – What name is used to represent the letter “O” in the NATO alphabet?
8. Beverage Slogans – Which brand-name soda was marketed as the “Uncola?”
9. Tall Structures – What was the tallest structure in the world before being surpassed by the Chrysler Building? FB clue.
10. Song Lyrics – In the song “Dancing Queen,” how old is the title character in the song?
Visual Mystery – Missed #1.
Scores: Do not have the scores…we had 60 points going into the final, unsure where we were (there were score discrepancies and I didn’t follow that saga all the way through, I was enjoying my drinks too much by this point, so there!).
Final Category – Sports Championships
And a certain “other” team that shall remain nameless…made a comment about it being time for us to make a “sucker’s bet,” like we’ve had to do in the past. And yup, that’s exactly what we did. But who’s the bigger sucker – wagering points on a question you miss – or not wagering points and getting prize money anyway? We’re just not confident enough to assume we’ll know every single final question answer that is thrown at us! And we certainly didn’t know this one…
Name THREE of the five professional franchises in the NFL, NHL, NBA, or MLB that have gone the longest since their last league championship.
We put three teams that also tie into a quote from a 1939 fantasy film. One of those teams wound up being correct, oh my!
We wound up in first hanging onto our 60 points, and Slick Rock/Smalls had to battle a tiebreaker for second, they both had 42 points, and Slick Rock won the tiebreaker. Well, that’s it for now, kids! Go Pods, and stay classy, Pierce Brosnan!


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