Trivia Recap – May 19, 2017 – Original Gravity

Well, it’s confirmed. We’re in a bonafide trivia “slump” in our Thursday Sporcle Live games at Original Gravity Brewing Co.! The good news is we’ve weathered slumps before, and went through an eerily similar slump at this very place just last year. And also at Sticks earlier this year. And at other countless trivia spots in the past. Does this mean we suck? Yup! I mean…what ELSE would it mean? Go ahead and tell us we suck! Let’s see how creative you all can be – chime in on the comments and come up with the most creative way of saying that we suck! Yes, memes are fine…, and we’ll give the winner a rousing “way to go!” Maybe telling us how much we suck will give us the appropriate kick in the pants we need to STOP sucking! Is that how it works? We’ll see! Anyway, this time, BOTH of the final questions killed us, despite fairly decent regular rounds going in. Yup, it really, really SUCKED! How much did it suck? Read on! If you dare…
Game One
1. Libraries – What library classification was first utilized in 1876?
2. Explorers – The explorer/cartographer for which North and South America were named is a native of what modern day country? Going in, I said “never listen to me on any answers I might have about explorers.” Thankfully they didn’t need to…easy peasy. And the answer is NEVER Magellan!
3. Pop Singers – What was the first song by Katy Perry to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? David all over this, the first in a string of many hits for him on this night…our team might suck right now, but I’ll still give a shout out when our players are awesome! Which they all are… #iloveyouguys
4. Country Borders – Yemen and Oman share a border with what other country?
5. Movie Roles – Jodie Foster played Clarice Starling in “The Silence of the Lambs.” Which actress played this character in the 2001 film “Hannibal?” Hated the character she played in “The Big Lebowski…”
6. Desserts – What are the two main ingredients in meringue? Dave has made this gooey stuff before, so he was all over this.
7. TV Dicks – (heh, of course we mean “detectives…” get your minds out of the gutter, people!) What detective did Telly Savalas play in a 1970s TV series named for this character? Didn’t he suck on lollipops or something because he was quitting smoking? And the word “suck” is the word of the day, people! Whenever you hear anyone say it, scream really loud, just like they used to do on “Pee Wee’s Playhouse!” Whee! Sorry, I’m a little punch drunk on account of so many sucky games at OG…sigh. Ahem…
8. Islands – Which Hawaiian island is named for a mythological character who stared at the sun and discovered the secret of fire? Overthought this one….miss.
9. Home Runs – Who was the only MLB player to hit 60 home runs or more in a single season on three different occasions? for nerd bonus point, name any of the years this happened. Missed both, but nice try, Dave!
10. Musical Instruments – What is the animal name for the nut on a violin string that adjusts its tension? Goat, frog, bull or bird? Mike with right guess here, woot! Too bad my great-great aunt who played bass violin wasn’t here to help, but maybe she was helping from beyond the grave (queue up theramin music)…thanks, Aunt Virginia! You truly are in the “Great Gig in the Sky.” 🙂
Mystery – Before and After
1. Current prime minister of the United Kingdom and the ship that transported Pilgrims to in 1620
2. Owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the actor who voiced Iago the Parrot
3. Series starring Zoe Deschanel and cookies with varieties named Tagalongs, Samoas and Thin Mints
4. A 1953 film starring Gene Kelly and a 1988 film starring Dustin Hoffman
Missed #1. Clearly we need to be studying up on current world leaders! Tsk, tsk…time to hit the books!
We were in third out of 16 teams going into the final. Which technically does not suck TOO much. Well, just you wait! Just you wait! 🙂
Final Category – High-grossing films
SOMETIMES this category doesn’t SUCK too badly for us, so we went for it and wagered. Yeah….
What 2003 film was the highest-grossing at the domestic box office to feature Jennifer Aniston in a credited role?
Usually Dave and I team up well on questions like these and are good at prying bits of knowledge from each other’s brains. Not literally, mind you, there are no chisels or crowbars involved, and this very well could have happened this time, but nope…we went with a movie released a bit later.
Congratulations to More Beer Less Pants for being the only team (represented by one player) to get this right. Yay, THAT didn’t suck! Woo hoo! We should have gone the SUCKer’s route and wagered zero here – we could’ve won $10 bucks! Oh well, moving on…
Game Two
1. Pixar Characters – In the 2008 Pixar film “WALL-E,” what does the letter W stand for?
2. Metals – Pewter is made from an alloy of mostly at least 85 percent of what metallic element combined with other metals? Yay I knew this one…
3. Sitcoms – What branch of the military did Jake join in season 10 of “Two and a Half Men?” Uh, were we supposed to watch this show? 🙂 Miss…
4. Interviews – Within two, identify the year in which a sportsball guy was talking. Dave knew the guy, but we missed the year…the quote involved the word “practice,” which all of you sportsball fans out there will probably recognize.
5. Literary Settings – What Asian nation was the setting for the 2000 film “The Beach,” starring Leonardo di Caprio? Very cool song by Moby was used in this film…maybe I’ll queue that up now…I remember hearing that song at Tower Records in Ann Arbor and liking it so much that I bought the CD. Anyone else miss “record” stores? 😦
6. Coffee – What root is sometimes roasted and ground and used as an additive for or a substitute for coffee in times of crisis, especially in New Orleans? Got this, but it took a bit to “pry” from my brain…
7. History – Who was the target of CIA assassination attempts in the 1960s, which involved booby traps, seashells and cigars? Apparently those attempts were unsuccessful…
8. Olympic Medals – Name one of the three European countries that have each won more than 200 Olympic medals in winter games. Name both countries for an extra “nerd” bonus point. Got both, nice work Dave!
9. Rappers – What St. Louis rapper leads a crew called the “St. Lunatics?” Dave again for the points…
10. Word Origins – What six-letter word starting with the letter “g” describes a computer mishap and may be derived from the Yiddish word meaning “to slide?”
Fiftty-two points going into the mystery round. SPOILER…this mystery round is going to SUCK for us! #sportspuck
Dave recognized one of these guys… Brad, can you name any players besides #1? Face slap…
Despite having a round that kind of sucked, we still wound up in second going in with 55 points behind a team whose name I did not catch. Now for the sucky final question…
What group spent the most amount of weeks total in the #1 position of the Billboard Hot 100 chart during the 1990s?
Nope, nope, nope…Congrats to the team sitting next to us who got this (who wears short shorts? 🙂 ) . I think their name was “Hey, howya doin’) or something to that effect. Go you guys! Team Mellows got second.
Well that’s it for our trivia shenanigans for the week! Look ahead to next week to read all about the other ways in which we will surely suck! Can’t wait that long? Read some of our older game recaps! You might find that we’ve played SOME games that don’t suck too much! Good luck finding them!

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