Trivia Recap – Original Gravity – June 2, 2017

Our Sporcle Live trivia game Thursday was supposed to be a “deciding” trivia game. And after the game, at least a couple of players decided that they don’t want to play at this place anymore (except for the venue tournament in late July). It has been difficult finding a “midweek” trivia night besides Wednesday, for the record…and weekend games are not any easier for us to get players!
We finished with a miserable 79 points for the night, and for the sixth week in a row, no prizes. But here’s the kicker – those 79 points put us in FIRST PLACE for the night (tied with Bill Paxton and the Game Overs) – and a very, very precious 15 league points. We also moved from fourth to third place in the bar’s overall standings. So this makes the “decision” a little bit tougher – should we stay – or should we go? We do have one player willing to hold down the fort here until July, when a second player will be able to join in on the fun – or share in the misery! And we will “should” be able to field five players for the venue tournament. Survey says? What should we do? One more game to go to qualify for the venue tournament. Maybe grab a die from the dice bag? Or how about typing up those questions?
Game One
1. Internet – Mozilla Corporation released what web browser in 2004, which is one of the top four most popular web browsers today?
2. Chairs – What type of outdoor chair is named for a mountain range in Upstate New York, whose tallest peak is Mount Marcy? Easy even without the FB hint…
3. Movie Characters – What is Austin Powers’ middle name? And for an extra “nerd” bonus point, in which Madonna video does this character appear? John was all over ths bonus…
4. Slogans – What restaurant chain has used the slogan “Everything you love about breakfast?” Miss for 2.
5. NHL Teams – What NHL team has been called “The Cats,” “The South Paws,” and “The Rink Rats?” Brad said that rubber rats are sometimes thrown onto the ice during their games. I said, “That’s about as dumb as throwing dead octopuses on the ice during Red Wings games.” But then, I don’t happen to like corpses of cephalopods being desecrated, even for silly sports traditions, but maybe that’s just me! How about rubber octopuses instead? (crickets)?
6. Comics – What Japanese comic series is about a boy who solves an ancient millennial puzzle and has inspired a video game series, TV series and movies?
7. Politicians – In 1789, Alexander Hamilton was named the first secretary of what executive department? But wasn’t he a president (JK)?
8. Health – Hyperemesis gravidarum is the scientific term for what pregnancy-related condition? And no love for an entire trivia team of non-breeders, lol…we put in a guess for “water breaking.”
9. Stage Names – Rapper Aubrey Graham uses what middle name as his stage name? Good guess by yours truly…woot? I have been on a real “dumb” streak all week, I wish this is something you could call in at work for as an excuse. “Hello, boss, I’m having a dumb day, can I stay home.” Boss: “What are you doing that’s so dumb?” Me: “Well, I screwed up the FB clue in Tuesday’s trivia game and had to beg the host to give us the points anyway, thought this week was a bye week when it’s actually next week, and I put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the refrigerator.” Boss: “OK, come back to work when you quit being so stupid!” Yeah, I wish…
10. Beer – The St. James Gate Brewery makes two billion pints of what famous beer annually? I honestly can’t remember the last time I drank one of these, there are so many better ones made by “craft” breweries in Michigan, imho. Probably one of the best ones I’ve had is the “neopolitan” one made by Saugatuck Brewery. It tastes just like its name! Mmmm…chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream (Homer drooling).
Mystery – Anagrams – All will be women who have won the best actress Oscar since 2010
1. Reply Meters
2. Steam Omen
3. Barren Soul
4. Catch Table Net
Missed #3, though I did think about this person’s first name.
Eleven teams, scores 41 to 60, with us in the top spot.
Final Category – Rock Singers
Two years before his death, what rock singer, who has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with a band and also as a solo artist, collaborated with Metallica on a 2011 album titled Lulu?
Nope…no teams got this one correct, zero wagerers took the prizes.
Second place: Mellows, 54; ??? 59.
Game Two
1. Names – What is the first and last name typically used as a moniker for an unidentified woman in both the U.S. and Canada?
2. 2000s Movies – What 2001 Keanu Reeves film features him as a character named Conor O’Neill, who attempts to pay off his gambling debts by coaching a Little League team? Miss.
3. Cars – What auto manufacturer produces the C-Max hybrid? I saw one of these when it was a prototype at the North American International Auto Show maybe in 2011?
4. Books – What is the name of J.K. Rowling’s first book for adult readers published in 2015? Our guess of “Harry Potter Goes Full Frontal” was read aloud by the host…
5. Cover Songs – Audio clue of song, had to identify the original artist/band and the artist/band covering the song. Clue, the original band’s singer died in 1971, and the cover band has two members who have been called “Toxic Twins.” Want another hint? The song has “love” in the title. There, that’s all I’m giving you guys short of actually singing the song to you, lol!
6. Acronyms – What does the letter N stand for in SONAR? For an extra “nerd” bonus point, what does the R stand for? Got the points but missed the bonus.
7. Candy – What peanut butter/molasses chew made by Necco is named for the inventor’s favorite ant? Yes, our minds went to “ant,” not “aunt.” Maybe “the dumb” is something affecting our whole team, not just me! Miss…
8. Coaches – Who was the first person to win a NCAA division 1 championship and a Super Bowl as a head coach? Miss.
9. Mascots – What fabric softener made by SUN products has used a fluffy teddy bear as a mascot since 1983?
10. First Ladies – What is Michelle Obama’s maiden name? I was “undumb” for these last two questions, lol!
Mystery –
Missed #1 and #4
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 10 to 51 with Team Ninja in first. We were in second with 49 (wow, lower scores all around…)
Final Category – U.S. Capitals
There are three U.S. state capitals that are not among their respective state’s top ten most populous cities, according to the 2010 census. Name one of those cities.
We considered one of the correct ones, but not seriously enough to actually write it on the slip. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb dumb! Anyone see that “South Park” episode about Mormon people? It has a song with a chorus of “dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb dumb.” Could this be our team’s new theme song?
Only one team managed to get this right, moving up from 10th place (hey they actually wagered!), whomever finished in second did so with 31 points. Unsure which team this was… Until next time, which will be “sometime” this weekend! A “soloist” from our team may be visiting a trivia spot near you as a means of getting out of attending an anniversary party at a local watering hole! Hey, not everyone likes crowded bars…jussayn…As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…uh…Alexander Hamilton?

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