Trivia Recap – June 6, 2017 – Powell’s Pub

When is a trivia question “too old?” And when is it “too young?” And is this little girl in this photo way too young to be wearing a “disco queen” outfit? Uh, talk to her mom about that! Speaking of “too old,” I heard trivia players complain when a final question was asked about a 1981 film (“Raiders of the Lost Ark’), saying, “I wasn’t even BORN yet.” Yet trivia players are still expected to know about basic historical facts – who wrote the Gettysburg Address, which U.S. president killed a dude in a duel before he became president, and which U.S. president posthumously received a Congressional Medal of Honor under President Clinton. So would these questions be “too old” if you were born after all of these things happened? Nope, they are fair game! However, pop culture knowledge tends to be absorbed a bit differently than the “scholastic” stuff you were “supposed” to learn in school. That is, if you were actually paying attention, and not just spending most of your time staring out the windows, or doodling pictures of hearts, robots, or monsters in the margins of your lined paper! I present the case of “Saturday Night Fever,” a 1977 film about the disco scene in New York City. It was also the subject of our final question, for which we had to name the Bee Gees song from the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack that spent the most weeks at number one. Chances are, you know a few things about “Saturday Night Fever,” right? Maybe you didn’t see the movie (the scene where Travolta and his buddies dangle precariously from the Verazano-Narrows Bridge is an absolute hoot). Whether you are forty-something, fifty-something, sixty-something or even 20 or 30 something, you probably know “some” things about this movie. Even if you are a millennial and were not yet born, this is a pretty seminal event in pop culture. This film and its wildly popular soundtrack (one of the best selling of all time) – virtually PUT soundtracks on the map. Movie soundtracks pretty much became a “thing” because of this movie. Chances are, maybe your mom owns this on vinyl, or you have it on CD, or maybe downloaded some tracks. Maybe your parents even have a copy of this on 8-track that you’ve been pondering trying to sell on eBay. Does anyone even have an 8-track player anymore? Is there a market for this virtually dead medium? I digress…So I guess the answer to “when is a question too old” is – that depends. I happened to be five years old when this movie came out, and actually remember songs from the soundtrack being played at my sixth birthday party during musical chairs. I am so, so glad shooting video of kids’ birthday parties had not yet become a “thing” (sigh of relief). My favorite tracks at that time were “Boogie Shoes” and “Night on Disco Mountain,” for the record (see what I did there…cough)! I even had a “disco outfit” (photo tie in), which was a dark green polyester jumper which partially zipped up the front – with an off-white satin shirt. Oh the things my mother got away with when I was still young enough not to have a say in my wardrobe choices! It was not the best night of trivia for Mike and I at Powell’s Pub, we only had 42 points going into the final (which we missed and wagered it all). But we have had a pretty good My Trivia Live run with our trivia nights as of late, and since it was a “bye” week (yes, really, not like that “fake” bye week last week…facepalm), it was really just for fun. And we did have a bit too much fun hanging out by the fire pit out back after the game! Read on to see what other questions left us scratching our heads…(there were quite a lot of them).
Round One
1. Birds – A cygnet is a young version of which bird?
2. Months – How many months have 31 days?
3. Desserts – What is the name for the dessert comprised of two round graham cracker cookies with marshmallow filling dipped in a flavored coating? My cousin is a professional baker and has posted multiple photos of these (food porn)…
And this would be our only mistake-free round of the night! Spoiler…
Round Two
1 Animals – What is the name for a cow breed that can be orange or red in color and known for its rich flavor of milk? The “orange” and “red” qualifiers really threw us here, which caused us to rule out the correct answer we had seriously considered. Moo…
2. Cartoons – What cartoon was originally called “The Mysterious Five” and had a dog named “Too Much?” There was more to this question, but did not write it all down.
3. Presidents – Who was the fourth president of the United States? For an extra three-point bonus, which U.S. president was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Bill Clinton? We attempted – and missed – the bonus.
Round Three
1. Music – What beverage is the name of a 2016 album by Beyonce? When we learned what the answer was, we began to wonder if we might get a future question about fudge, because of the previous question involving milk (raise your hands if you see what I did there). And no, there would be no questions about fudge! Miss…
2. Food – What is the name for the English soup named for a Hindi word translating to “pepper water?” We named all sorts of soups with French names…shout out to Francis, who may have been the only person in the room getting this one…
3. Measurements – What is the name for an electric current, which shares its name with a French physicist and mathematician? Nope…Missed this whole round. How about a little vodka in that “lemonade?”
Halftime – Given the plot description and release years, name the movies that share a name with a song.
1. 2002 film about a woman returning to her hometown to divorce her husband after seven years of separation
2. 2003 film about an American teenager who learns that her father is a wealthy British politician running for office
3. 1997 film about a young man working in the pornographic film industry
4. 2003 film about conjoined twins who move from Martha’s Vineyard to Los Angeles so that one of them can become an actor
I knew the answer to #4 because we had a similar question in a 2016 venue tournament at ABC Brewpub – which we missed the first time. Glad it managed to get “stuck” in my head…missed #2, got the rest.
Scores – aww, you don’t REALLY need to see those, do you? Oh, OK…
Six teams, scores 16 to 33, with Dan Smith in first. Ham Wallets were right behind them in second, Quantum something or other was in third with 30, One is the Loneliest Number behind them with 25, and…yeah, we were second from the bottom with TWENTY points. Would the second half redeem us? Read on to find out! Grab a hanky, lol…
Round Four
1. Goddesses – Often associated with Spring, who was the Roman goddess of Peace? Newsletter question…
2. TV – On what TV show did Clint Eastwood portray Rowdy Yates from 1959 to 1965? Picked right “genre,” wrong show…
3. Cartoons – What cartoon company, named for the man who founded it, made films for theatrical release between 1930 to 1971? Honestly had never, ever heard of this…we put the guy’s name who created “Popeye.” “Too old’ for us? Yeah, probably! Or maybe we were just too dumb to know it! Ah, we’ll go with “too old.” Our egos are so fragile right now, lol…
Round Five
1. Animals – What type of ape is known to Malaysians as “person of the forest?” I saw this “person of the forest” take a whizz on its glass enclosure in a zoo before. See, they really are just like us!
2. Historic Events – Within five years, how long was Charles Lindbergh’s solo transatlantic flight? Went too long, though we originally “considered” an answer that would have been within the range. No love for us tonight! And how did these solo pilots go to the bathroom on these long-ass flights? And who wants to take a whiff of the cockpits when they emerge? Ick…
3. Fruit – What is the English name of a cactus-derived fruit that is pink in color with white flesh?
Round Six
1. Military – What World War 2 soldier was the only one to be court-martialed and executed for desertion? Surprisingly we picked the right correct first name here, just not the right last name…
2. Sports – What is the name for the piece of sports equipment, used in multiple sports, whose name comes from the Arabic for “palm of the hand?” Nope…this question was not within our “grasp” and “backhanded” us…God way too many puns in this recap…just shoot me!
3. Landmarks – What landmark in Europe is thought to have been built before the pyramids of Egypt? And a precious six points to end this low, low scoring game…
Scores- Did not hear the two scores lower than ours…We were in fourth with 42 points, Ham Wallets and Quantum were tied for first with 60 points.
Final Category – Songs
Which Bee Gees song from the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack spent the most weeks at #1?
Put a bit of thought into this, but not enough, apparently..
Dan Smith was the only team getting this one, winning $30. A team whose name I did not catch took second, and Quantum took third with 17 points. Uh, way to not bet ALL of your points (unlike us)? We are taking tonight off from trivia for a couple of reasons – one, our trivia nights at Johnny’s Grill have just been awful lately, and two, one of our players cannot play tonight and will instead be joining us on Thursday. We “might” be back next week, depending upon this “other” player’s availability. For those of us who want to beat up on us (in the trivial sense, of course), come play at The Wurst Bar Wednesday for a game hosted by Stacy! You KNOW you want to! Cephalopods love a good scrappy fight! Go Pods! And stay classy…uh Walter Murphy!

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