Trivia Recap – June 8, 2017 – Wurst Bar

Our “core foursome” of ‘Pods visited The Wurst Bar for a My Trivia Live show Wednesday hosted by Stacy during the “bye” week. That is, the week scores aren’t counted toward league standings. We ended our fourth season of playing here at Wurst last week (even though we “technically” weren’t there, long story…) We will finish in either second – or first place – when the score discrepancies, etc. have all been taken into account. Shout out to Pocket Pool Sharks for winning first for the night and logging the highest score heading into the final! Speaking of the final question, we were apparently the only team getting it right, but…we did not wager points on it. We still won a $20 gift card/second place, with 54 points heading into the final question. And what turned out to be YUGE surprise – our team was invited up to answer the Wurst-exclusive cash jackpot question at the end of the night, after two other teams’ numbers were called – and they didn’t respond. The “jackpot” was only $20 cash, and the question was easy – but hey, who’s gonna turn down cash? Uh, not me! 🙂 Read all about this question and the other questions (some of which may be slighly abridged)!
Round One
1. Cartoons – What was the name of the evil wizard on “The Smurfs?”
2. Sports – Miniature golf is referred to by what repetitive name?
3. Desserts – Ganache is made of cream and what other ingredient? Our team’s “gourmet guy John knew this instantly…
Round Two
1. Music – Born Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk, what was the better known name of the man known for Elvis Presley’s success, taking 50 percent of his earnings? This led to a lively discussion about whether this technically made this man a pimp – and Elvis a prostitute. We decided that no, he wasn’t really a pimp, as true pimps usually take 100 percent of prostitutes’ earnings – and “distribute” those earnings back to their “stables.” To pay rent, buy new animal print leggings for them, halter tops, manicures, cologne, platform shoes, etc. At least that’s what I read somewhere (cough)…I don’t profess to be an expert in the “pimp game!” But I did hear in a movie that a pimp’s love is not like that of a square, lol…
2. TV – What TV family lived at 742 Evergreen Terrace?
3. Advertising – What company began using its slogan, “It’s better with the butterfly” in 2003? And for an extra three point bonus, how pure is Ivory Soap? Knew the bonus, but missed the main question, so no points…
Round Three
1. Comics – What are the names of Daisy Duck’s three nieces, who are the female counterparts to Huey, Dewie and Louie? Strangely, I was tipped off from another player kind of recently that this is a question that comes up in MTL games from time to time, so I looked this up to find out these names. Yay, we were one of only two teams getting this correct! Thanks, man! 😉 It never hurts to engage in conversations about silly cartoon characters!
2. Same Name – What is the name shared by a type of cigar and a loaf of bread? No teams got this, so “shenanigans” were called, and the question was subbed out with the next one.
2. Movies – In which city did “Gone with the Wind” have its premiere?
3. Books – What person’s name precedes “His Songs and His Sayings” in an 1800s book title by Joel Chandler Harris? John again with the slam dunk. And why isn’t this character on “Once Upon a Time?” Zippity do-dah…oooh, did I just give a hint to the answer here? Pretend you didn’t read that…
Halftime – Name four of the five movies for which Leonardo diCaprio received an acting Oscar nomination.
Boo. We only managed to get two. In our defense, we did pick movies for which other actors won – or movies that won best picture. Again, boo! I do need to study up on nominations (sigh). So much easier for me to remember winners, not the “runners up!” Stupid brain…
Scores: 10 teams, scores 11 to 35, with Pocket Pool Sharks in first. We were in second with 30 points.
Round Four
1. When Animals Attack – Lorne Greene, the actor that played Ben Cartwright on Bonanza only has one what, the other having been bitten off by an alligator? Newsletter hint.
2. Measurements – One joule per second is defined as as what unit of measure? I am not 100 percent on my wording of this, but we missed it.
3. Music – What singer is crediting from uniting John and Yoko Ono and is also godfather to their son Sean? Miss…
Round Five
1. Food – In what country was the first ghost chili pepper found? Miss, though we did consider the right country…
2. Religions – What is the name of the monthly magazine published by the Jehovah’s Witnesses since 1879?
3. Words from Sports – The word aficionado originally described someone who was avidly interested in what sport, though its current use can apply to a fan of any sport? Again, discussed the RIGHT one, but miss.
Round Six
1 Fruit – Almonds are classified not as nuts, but what type of fruit? Brad all over this one…
2. Human Anatomy – In which part of the body would you find a labyrinth?
3. Birds – What is the better known name for a bird called a chapparal, a desert-dwelling cuckoo which has been clocked at speeds of 20 miles per hour? Meep meep! Sorry, another “hint…” But y’all already knew this one anyway, right?
Finished with 54 points. Not our best effort…but not terrible compared to other teams in the room!
Scores heading into the final: Nine teams, ,scores 11 to 59, with Pocket Pool Sharks in first. We were in second with 54 points.
What U.S. state capital was referred to by Oliver Wendell Holmes as “the hub,” because it was once considered to be the hub of the solar system?
Got it right, wagered nothing, finished second. We were the only team getting it right, so could’ve gotten another $10 had we been more sure of our selves. Meh…we’ll be back next week for the start of the season! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Col. Tom Parker! We know that might be a challenge! We’ll be hitting up a trivia scene tonight, so look for us in the next game recap on Friday! Again, Go Pods!

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