Trivia Recap – June 11, 2013 – Oscar’s Sports Grill

Sometimes it’s fun to mix up the trivia routine by playing with different people. Saturday, I joined forces in a Sporcle Live game with Kimberly, a longtime player with the team Sparty On, at Oscar’s Sports & Grill. We’ve played in a few trivia games and name that tune games a few times over the past year or so. We finished with a mere 68 points for the night, we wagered full points on both finals – which turned out to be very, very tough – and missed both, won no prizes. We sat at a table very close to Trivia host Sporcle Live with Liz, who had some boisterous people in her crowd that night, but she handled everything like a pro. She was wearing a “Doctor Who” dress (which I called a TARDIS dress). I always kind of think of the TARDIS (blue police box thing on “Doctor Who”) in terms of Snoopy’s dog house – it looks much bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. But then I do not profess to be a true “Whovian,” that is more my husband’s thing. Though I do know TARDIS stands for “Time and Relative Dimensions in Space.” And that is an example of what I call “spousemosis” – those things you learn by virtue of a spouse or other intimate partner. Whenever “Doctor Who” is on TV, he usually has to explain what’s going on (he says I can’t think fifth dimensionally). While I may not be able think fifth dimensionally or explain the goings on in a “Doctor Who” episode, I will still do my best to explain what happened in the trivia game! Some of these questions may be abridged versions of the ones that were asked.
Game One
1. Marvel Movies – In what 2015 Marvel Studios film featuring Paul Rudd also featured Michael Douglas, who played a former SHIELD agent? 10
2. Crops – John Rolfe is credited with successfully cultivating what, which became America’s first cash crop? Considered the right crop, but nope, miss for 3.
3. Birds – What is the name given to an adult male goose? Almost overthought this, glad we didn’t….got this for a very cautious 2 points.
4. Harry Potter – What is the given first name of either Harry Potter’s mother or father? Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus. Nope, neither of us are into this series enough…miss for 1.
5. Bridges – The Verrazano-Narrows bridge connects Brooklyn to what other NYC borough? And my “Saturday Night Fever” reasoning failed me here…I assumed the “destination” borough would be one with the “Space Odyssey” disco the characters visited in the movie. Miss for 5. Maybe I should jump off that bridge like that one character in the movie, lol…
6. Number One Hits – What all-women trio had number one hits on a self-titled album in 1990 with “Hold On,” “Release Me,” and “You’re in Love?” 9 points Photo tie in time – this is for you, Mike!
7. Stock Market – What is the colorful name of stable well-established stocks known for quality and reliability? Thank the trivia gods this was not a “stock symbols” question…an easy 7 points.
8. TV Networks – What does the “C” stand for in CBS? And thank the trivia gods again for this easy one…
9. Food – What is the name of an unfolded omelette with vegetables and meats which shares its name with the French word for “fried?” Kim was all over this one (thank goodness).
10. Video Games – Similar to expansion pack, what two-words does DLC stand for? We had the first word correct, missed the second word, 4 points.
Mystery – Add ‘Em Up – sum total of the numbers will add up to the total number of both NHL and NBA teams combined
1. Number in title of 1995 Ron Howard film nominated for Academy Award for best picture (but did not win)
2. Number of states bordering Nevada
3. Taylor Swift song featuring the lyrics “It feels like a perfect night to dress up like a hipster”
4. Cube root of 8,000
We teamed up well on this one, managed to get three of these correct. Thanks Kim for being a math teacher, #4 was all hers, as was the Taylor Swift one…we knew the sum total had to be an even number and were off by 10 on our guess. Ugh..state borders! I really do have to get better at that icky category! I just don’t have a good head for maps…
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 37 to 64, with Thunder in first. We were in eighth playing under the name “It’s Two For One Day at Whore Island.”
Final Category – Animal Habitats
A certain taxonomic family of animals are collectively known as “macropods”. Name the only continent to which macropods are native.
We really tried on this one, but nope…
Game Winners – Unicorns, 76; One is the Loneliest Number, 80.
Game Two
1. Advertising Characters – How many digits does the mascot for “Hamburger Helper” have? 4
2. SNL – Who plays Deter in a recurring SNL sketch called “Sprockets?” FB clue…10
3. Literary Sequels – “The Lost Symbol” is the 2009 sequel to what 2003 mystery/detective best selling novel by Dan Brown? 9.
4. Olympic Athletes – Whose record did Michael Phelps break by winning eight gold medals? For an extra “nerd” bonus, in what year did this happen? Got both, woot! Sports question!
5. Fitness – Audio clue of someone whoring out a fitness regimen for someone to buy. No clue…
6. Coaches – Tom Landry became the first head coach of what NFL team after being defensive coordinator for the New York Giants? My “Saturday Night Fever” reasoning may have failed me in the last game, but my “King of the Hill” reasoning paid off here, but only for 2 points. We were still excited to get this “sportsball” question correct! Can we get a woot? πŸ™‚
7. ’60s Music – What day of the week is mentioned in the highest charting single for the Mamas and the Papas? 8
8. Capitals – What city is the capital of Taiwan? 7
9. Human body – What is the more common name of the involuntary bodily function known as singultus? Good guess for 6.
10. Tech Gadgets – What company has made a series of gadgets called Surge, Flex and Charge? Kim all over this…And what’s with all of these fitness questions in a pub trivia game? What do trivia players know about fitness? Party foul! πŸ™‚
Not a bad regular round, only missed the fitness audio clue so far…now the mystery round.…
Ugh. Only got #3.
Scores – Ten teams, scores 42 to 62, with Covfefe in first. We were in fourth with 57 tied with team Oh Lordy.
Final Category – Presidents
Who was the most recent U.S. President who never had a daughter?
We did not think back far enough…miss. Game winners – One is the Loneliest Number, 67; Cofveve, 82.
Until next time, which is TBD. Possibly Tuesday, depending upon player availability, moon phases, weather, and too many other factors to list here. As always, Sparty On, and be excellent to each other!

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