Trivia Recap – June 13, 2017 – Powell’s Pub

On our trivia team, we’re more than just a group of people who hang out in bars and answer questions. In the case of Monday’s My Trivia Live game at Powell’s Pub, we played as friends. Brad was having a classic no-good very bad day…he got a flat tire while riding his bike home from work, learned that his car’s A/C is as expensive to fix as a down payment on another car, and found a semi blocking his driveway at home. To make matters worse, he had no power! Clearly this man needed a beer – and almost as important as needing a beer, he needed the company of his friends. So he joined Mike and I for a trivia game at Powell’s, which was particularly packed on this evening! There was talk of power outages at several other local watering holes, including Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, and spots in Depot Town as well. It was pretty much standing room only when game time rolled around at 8. We won a $10 gift certificate/third place, despite making several point flubs throughout the rest of the game. Before getting into the question set, I’m going to give you guys homework! First, use “pulchritudinous” in a sentence. Next, tell a random person in a bar how pulchritudinous they are using 12 words or fewer. Got it? Good! Now the questions…
Round One
1. Athletes – Ryan Lochte is associated with what sporting event?
2. Human Body – What protein do skin, hair and nails all have in common?
3. Internet – What web site, established in 1998, allows users access to reviews of TV shows and movies? Flipped a coin and lost here for 1.
Round Two
1. Amusement Parks – What amusement park opened in Mason, Ohio in 1972? Yay me I visited this place a few times. On one of the visits, it was 114 degrees and I wound up passing out and having to spend most of the day in first aid. Talk about failing a constitution check! I still think Gatorade is disgusting to this day (bleah). Photo tie in – this photo was taken at another amusement park located in Gurnee, IL in 1979.
2. Landmarks – What is the name given to a red granite obelisk located in New York’s Central Park? No clue whatsoever…miss for 1.
3. Cosmetics – What actress is the founder of the “Honest” line of cosmetics and personal care products? For an extra three point bonus, for what cosmetics company was Andie MacDowell a spokeswoman? Knew the bonus answer, but not the main question, so no points…
Round Three
1. U.S. Cities – What Midwestern U.S. city was called “Cream City” because of the colored bricks used in its construction? And commence the off-color jokes about the word “cream,” lol…miss. No clue here.
2. Beverages – What soft drink did Coca Cola introduce in 1961? Brad the hero here…woot!
3. Video Game – What video game series features a character named Link? There was more to this question, but did not write it all down, Mike was all over this…
Halftime – People who can act, sing, and dance – Identify the people who have proven all three of these abilities, given the following clues:
1. Had a hit country single called “The Song in my Head” in 2008, starred in remake of “Footloose” in 2011.
2. Former boy band member, starred in 2013 action thriller “In Time.”
3. Former “fly girl” on TV show “In Living Color,” starred in “Wedding Planner” and had a 2007 album called “Brave.”
4. Former Disney series actress, appeared in 2013 film called “Spring Breakers.”
Missed #1.
Halftime scores: Seven teams, scores 11 to 35, with Dan Smith in first. We were in fourth with 25 points.
Round Four
1. Presidents – A two-lane bowling alley was installed in the White House to celebrate which Presidents birthday? Newsletter clue…
2. Planets – What planet has the highest percentage of iron content, more than any other planet? Miss for 4.
3. TV – Charlie and Alan Harper are brothers on what sitcom which debuted in 2003?
Round Five
1. Movies – What 2000 film starring Leonardo di Caprio is based on a 1986 novel by Alex Garland? Deja vu, this was a question in a recent game, and it actually made me find the CD and listen to the soundtrack!
2. Words – A pulchritudinous person is someone who is described as what? This word was apparently not in any of our collective vocabularies…nope, nope, nope…
3. States – In 2014, what U.S. state was the last state to repeal the ban on the sale of alcohol on Election Day? The humanity – to not be able to get drunk while watching election returns and thus drink to celebrate the victory – or drink to drown one’s sorrows? Miss…
Round Five
1. Disney – What does the W stand for in the Pixar film title “Wall-E?” More deja vu, I remember having a similar question very recently…
2. People in the News – What man known for making anti-virus software moved to Belize in 2008? I did not hear this question very well, so it is heavily abbreviated (though I did check Google). Mike knew this one, yay!
3. Movies – What radio/TV personality is the basis for the 1997 film “Private Parts?”
Scores heading into the final:
Seven teams, Dan Smith again in first with 61. We were in third with 49. Not our best game, but lower scores all around…
Final Category – Art
In 1961, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City made what mistake with a Henri Matisse painting for six weeks, until it was reported by the New York Times?
Mike jumped on this one quickly…but the teams ahead of us knew it, too…so final standings same.
Winners: ‘Pods, 98; My Couch Pulls Out But I Don’t, 102; and Dan Smith, 103. Until next time, which will be Wednesday at The Wurst Bar. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…Jessica Alba! 🐙

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