Trivia Recap – Wurst Bar – June 22, 2017

If you had the opportunity to name an island, what would you name it? Maybe you want to keep the island to yourself and scare away visitors, so you might call it “Cannibalistic Monster Island,” or “Windigo Island” if you prefer Native American names! Even though that might result in no one wanting to visit your private retreat, you might also tempt fate in that cannibalistic monsters might end up showing up (and then hilarity ensues). Or maybe you want to attract honeymooners, so you could call it “Paradise Island.” Or, if you want to try your hand at prostitution on a grand scale, you could call it “Whore Island.” But why, oh why would someone name their islands “Hen and Chicken Islands?” Best leave that question to explorer James Cook! This was a question that every team missed in Wednesday’s My Trivia Live game at The Wurst Bar with host Stacy – we had to name which country owns these islands. We did not have the “hint” that explorer James Cook named those islands, which might have steered us in the right direction. Oh well, no point crying over spilled trivia, right? We had 54 points going into the final question, which we wagered zero on – and no one got correct. So we won a $30/first place gift card. Succeeding despite idiocy? What do they call that on ‘The Simpsons?” Oh yeah, we pulled a “Homer!” We don’t “like” winning games this way, for the record! But we’re not going to complain about $30, either! We had special guest Laura joining our normal “foursome,” who had quite a bit of fun with my collection of pens! See our previous post with her artwork, if you like. And here we go with the questions…
Round One
1 Retail – What electronics retailer is known for using a price tag logo?
2. Candy – What carbonated candy was patented by General Foods research chemists Leon T. Kremzner and William A. Mitchell in 1961 but not offered to the public until 1975?
3. Mobsters – Virginia Hill was the girlfriend of what famous mobster? Had two guys written down, one of whom was correct, chose the wrong one…ooops.
Round Two
1. Video Games – What Sega Genesis Game introduced in 1991 featured a title character who was on a quest to meet Dr. Eggman?
2. Planets – Phobos and Deimos are moons of what planet?
3. TV – What superhero TV show airing on the CW network debuted in 2014 and features Grant Gustin as the title character? For an extra “nerd” bonus, what was the name of the little boy that Rin Tin Tin belonged to? Nope on the bonus, but a team of players who looked WAY too young to know this seemed pretty celebratory. Maybe they remembered the animated movie that came out several years ago?
Round Three
1. Literature – George du Maurier wrote the 1895 novel “Trilby,” which is a name of the title character and also refers to what type of article of clothing? Mike and John were all over this…
2. Food – Veronique refers to what type of fruit when used in a menu? Nope…
3. Brands – Founded in 1884, the brand Breitling was a maker of what, that was widely used by aviators? We picked another thing that would be essential for aviators, but it wasn’t the right “thing.”
Halftime – Which was first? Which company was founded first….
1. Bissell or Dyson?
2. Fisher-Price or Hasbro?
3. Ugg or Crocs?
4. Behr or Benjamin Moore?
I had no clue on any of these, I just don’t have a good head for this stuff. So while my teammates were working on these, I flipped a coin for each of these, a 1960 penny to be exact, so probably all copper. And trusty old “Abe” was correct on three of these! Still, had I played by myself, I would have gotten three of these correct! And this is not the first time probability has helped out in a game. I played a game at Powell’s Pub by myself last year and flipped a coin on an “either/or” mystery round and got 3/4 correct! And our team used a D20 die to determine what points to wager on a final question! Always be sure to have witnesses when you do these things! Mike, please explain in the comments how we used probability on the “islands” question! I was not really involved in that…
Halftime scores – Eight teams, scores 17 to 30, with I Am Smartacus and Team Pants tied for first. We were in third with 26 points.
Round Four
1. Authors – What author’s only detective work was The Red House Mystery? Newsletter clue…
2. Disney – Morty and Ferdie were the twin nephews of what Disney character? And my reasoning for knowing this was very, very bizarre…it was because I remembered a “Bloom County” storyline from Bloom County’s “spinoff” comic “Outland” from the late 1980s. Laura also backed me up on this, but her reasoning was that she watched these cartoons with her grandchildren. Hey, doesn’t matter, we got this right! And photo tie in, character that helped me remember this answer (thanks Berkeley Breathed!) Everything you need to know about the 1980s political scene you can learn by reading old “Bloom County” comics! 🙂
3. Canada – What Canadian province did Samuel de Champlain found in 1608? Originally this question was read with the year 1808, but was corrected…typo?
Round Five
1. The Study Of – What does a psephologist study? No teams got this, so the next question is the one that counted for points.
1. Musicians – What English musician was born Declan Patrick McManus but is better known by what stage name? Miss. We put an Irish guy down even though we knew he wasn’t right. Did not know this guy was English…
2. Signs- The first electric sign used by Heinz depicted what specific thing in its logo? There was a bit more to this question…
3. Countries – What country owns the Hen and Chicken Islands? Every team missed, shenanigans were called, but a team objected to shenanigans, and “someone” from our team objected to the objection. And then tequila shots were brought to our table later on by the other team. And that’s all I’ve gotta say about that! Hey, I don’t always get vocal, but when I do…! And this is why I try to stick to written communication! 🙂 We missed this for SIX. Ouch…
Round Six
1. Food – What type of food does a fromologist study?
2. Music – What is the title of the Queen album with the track “Bohemian Rhapsody?”
3. Animation – What are the names of the loveable yellow creatures in the “Despicable Me” franchise?
Scores: Seven teams, scores 40 to 56, with I Am Smartacus in first. We were in second with 54 points.
Final Category – First Woman To…
Eva Shain was the first woman to do what in 1977 in New York City? Hint: it had nothing to do with any of the “big four” sports.
We wagered zero and got first. Teams Cake and Tipsy Gypsies finished in second and third respectively. One of us will be back in the trivia saddle tonight at Original Gravity Brewing Co., so look for a recap of that game sometime on Friday! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…Bugsy Siegel! Trivia, did you know the Moe Greene character in “The Godfather” is loosely based on Bugsy Siegel? He’s the guy with the glasses who gets shot in the eye in the “mattress” sequence.

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