Trivia Recap – July 3, 2017- YpsiAlehouse


When the YpsiAlehouse started offering Sporcle Live trivia in April, 2016, we were excited! Finally a trivia spot close to home – on a day and time that would work for at least 3-4 of our players on most weeks. And for a couple of seasons, it continued to be a fun place to play – until the fun stopped. Why? Because of a new team that started winning virtually all of the top prizes  – virtually every single week. We don’t usually shy away from competitive trivia spots and have managed to win top prizes in every trivia spot we’ve played – even with just 1-2 players in the mix. But there was just something different going on here. And it started causing tension among our players on the trivia nights here. Because we felt pressured to bring our “A” game every week in an attempt to beat this team, the pressure started to show itself in dramatic ways – grumbling, griping and even walking off in the middle of games (which has happened more than once). During the last game, Mike decided to walk all the way home during game one! After only the second question! The three of us who play Sundays are a pretty tight group of friends – Mike and I have been married for 20 years, and both of us have known Brad for more than 10 years. We’re as thick as thieves, as some would say. We’re the “Three Amigos,” “Three Musketeers…” It’s not uncommon to see the three of us hanging out in local watering holes, even on non-trivia nights. Because of all the grumbling, the tension and the other negativity? It’s time to say good-bye to playing trivia here – at least until we can summon enough players to adequately wage a good trivia battle (which is not easy to do on a Sunday)! Yes, we play for fun. But we also play to win. At least occasionally! We don’t expect to win prizes every week…but we do expect to go to a game and not have players walk off in frustration mid-game! Is that too much to ask? Speaking of “ask,” here are the questions that were “asked” of us on Sunday…

Game One

Debut Albums – The 1973 album “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.” was the debut studio album by what rock musician?

Parks – Name two of the three U.S. states in which Cumberland Gap National Park is located. Name all three for an extra “nerd” bonus. We initially had all three states, but changed our answer. Miss for 4. And this is when Mike made his exit…

Symbols – What symbol shares keyboard space with the number 6 on a standard keyboard? Probably one of the least-used symbols…miss for 2. Mental note, study this before our semifinal tournament next Saturday! These questions are almost always deadly…

NFL Draft – Courtney Brown and LaVar Arrington both played for which Big 10 University? Miss for 5.

TV War Veterans – On “Mad Men,” Don Draper served in the U.S. Army during which war? Used re-rack with success here for 9.

’80s Movies – Name both the actor and actress speaking in an audio clip from a 1988 film.

Measurements – Approximately how many liters are in a gallon? 2.5, 3.75, 4.25 or 5? Unnecessary miss for 7…clearly one of our players needs to learn his non-metric units of measure! Can the whole team walk home now? 🙂

Ninjas – Storm Shadow, a ninja dressed in white,, is among the main characters in what franchise that spawned a line of toys, comic books and an animated series?

Cleaning Products – What cleaning product consisting of steel wool and soap was patented in 1913 and was given a name that the company erroneously stated was derived from the Latin word for “bright?”

Mystery – Identify the band based on their songs that never hit # 1

21 Guns, Know Your Enemy

Burning Down the House, Take Me To the River

What Makes You Beautiful, The Story of My Life

Missed #4

Scores – Goof Troop, 41; Umpires Strike Back, 45; ‘Pods, 46; Two Trivias to Paradise, 54; Corn Fritters, 55; Annie’S College Fund, 56; Teamy McTeamface, 61; and Group W. Bench, 62.

Final Category – Movie Pairs

What two Academy Award-winning actors have appeared in three of the same films?
The first was a 1974 sequel, the second was a 1995 film also starring Val Kilmer, and the third was a 2008 film in which they both play detectives.

Wagered and got this…but so did enough teams ahead of us.

Final Standings: Teamy McTeamface, 81; Group W Bench, 82.

Game Two

Sports Nicknames – The Rapids are an MLS franchise based in which western U.S. state? And I knew a sportsball answer for 10 points! 🙂

Film Rivalries – Average Joe’s and Globo Gym are rival gyms in what 2004 comedy film? 9

Vice Presidents – Prior to becoming vice president in 1969, who served as governor of Maryland? 8

Celebrity Marriages – In May, 2017, actor Matthew Broderick celebrated 20 years of marriage to what actress? 7

Dinosaurs– What type of dinosaur was roughly the size of a turkey, despite its depiction in a popular movie franchise, and had a name that in Latin means “swift robber?” 6

Alter Egos – What is the alter ego of the Human Torch? Brad and I both knew this…5

2000s Songs – In the lyrics to what 2005 Gwen Stefani song does she spell the word “bananas” several times? I can name exactly two Gwen Stefani songs, including the one that was correct, and one that is a cover of a Talk Talk song, lol…got this for 1.

Toys – In December, 2016, what was described in Forbes magazine as the “must-have” office toy for 2017?

Directors – After Valentine’s Day, Garry Marshall directed two other romantic comedies named for holidays. Name one of those films – name both for an extra “nerd” bonus point. Nope, rom-coms not a strong topic with this duo of players (yes I am allergic to rom-coms unless it is “The Wedding Singer” or something quirky with Janeane Garofalo, lol…though I did like “L.A. Story.”  Miss for 2.

Africa – Since gaining its independence in 1957, what former British Colony called the Gold Coast became known by what current name? 3

Mystery – Got them all.

Scores – Umpires Strike Back, 41; Goof Troop, 50; Corn Fritters, 52; Group W Bench, 58; Two Trivias to Paradise, 60; Annie’s College Fund/’Pods, 63; Teamy McTeamface, 64.

Final Category – Famous Americans

What well-known 20th century American received a Ph.D. from Boston University in 1955, having successfully defended a dissertation entitled A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Nelson Wieman?

Considered the right person here, but went with someone else…

Game Winners – Annie’s College Fund, 83; Teamy McTeamface, 84. Until next time, which will be our Wednesday game at the Wurst Bar. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Michael Corleone!









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