Trivia Recap – July 8, 2017 – The Wurst Bar (MTL Semifinals)

We played in a qualifying My Trivia Live semifinal game today at The Wurst Bar hosted by Stacy. We were hoping that, since this is the spot we normally play our Wednesday games, that this would give us the “home field advantage.” A couple of us also looked forward to being able to walk to a tournament game on a fairly nice summer day (though it was a bit warm of a walk on the way back…ugh). And…we walked out of the place as winners of one of the four finals spots for Saturday, July 15! We managed this feat in true ‘Pods fashion – which means it wasn’t an easy task! We do have to follow our own playbook! Our players this time were myself (Heb), MikeBrad and Joel, who graciously stepped in to play as our “fourth man.” Other teams who qualified today were More Beer Less Pants (who were in the lead at both halftime and heading into the final), Cleanup in Aisle 10 and Team Pants, who have been our competitors at Wurst for a few seasons now. And here are the questions, which will be abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked.
Round One
1. DIY – Though technically measuring 1.5 by 3.5 inches, what is the commonly used name for a piece of lumber with these dimensions? 5
2. Doughnuts – Dunkin’ Donuts has doughnut holes called “Munchkins” – what is the name for the equivalent sold by Tim Horton’s? 3
3. Current Events – In what European city is the 12th G20 summit taking place? 1
Nice way to start the game, got all of these. Whew!
Round Two
1. ’80s Lyrics – What are the three colors mentioned in the Culture Club song “Karma Chameleon?” And special thanks to Kimberly, who kind of helped me from afar on this one. We had this question in an ’80s music trivia night back in February, and she was the one who came up with the correct answer, which I thankfully remembered! Thanks again, Kim! I had to “prove” I knew this by singing a few lines (though not too loudly).
2. Hockey – Left-wing Dave Semenko, who died last month, was known for being Wayne Gretzky’s “protector” for the Edmonton Oilers. Name one of the two other Eastern Conference teams for which he also played. And no teams got this correct…
3. Flags – The current flag of the United States was adopted July 4 on what date?
Round Three (spoiler – this will NOT be a good round for us…)
1. Museums – The National Museum of Law Enforcement, aka the “Mob Museum” is located in what U.S. city? Miss, though we did think of the correct answer after we handed in our incorrect one.
2. Video Games – First launched in 1986 for Nintendo 64, what side-scrolling horror video game shares its name with a current Netflix series? Close, but no cigar…
3. Alcohol – Founded by Jess Graber, what whiskey is made from rye bourbon, a small amount of single malt whiskey, and is cut with Rocky Mountain spring water? Team Pants was the only team to get this one correct…
Halftime – Match the descriptions of the following amendments to the amendment numbers.
Numbers – 2, 3, 11, 13, 16, 22 and 26 (these descriptions will be heavily abbreviated)
1. The abolition of slavery
2. No “quartering” of soldiers without consent
3. No person elected president more than twice
4. Income tax
Got all of these.
Scores – Downriver Kiwanis, 11; Is This a Fluke, 17; ???, 18; Six Pack, 20; ???, 25; ‘Pods, 27; Pigeon, 29; Cleanup in Aisle 10, 29; King Cobra, 30; 50 Shades of Grey Hair, 30; and in first were Team Pants and More Beer Less Pants.
1. ’70s TV – What is the name of the hospital on the drama series “Emergency?” Nope…
2. Current Movies – What upcoming World War 2-themed film directed by Christopher Nolan will debut July 21? Joel came through on this with an assist from Brad…
3. U.S. History – Name one of the three writers of the Federalist Papers. Talked ourselves out of the right guy, miss…
Round Five
1. Musical Instruments – What instrument, one of the first electronic instruments, was patented in 1928 and named for its Russian inventor? Joel and Brad were both all over this…And Brad actually owns one of these things. Come on – is anyone surprised? BRAD OWNS ONE OF THESE! If you want to know what one of these sounds like, listen to the theme song to the original “Star Trek” series…this instrument is featured prominently.
2. Murders – What heiress was killed Aug. 8, 1969 along with three members of the Tate family by the “Manson Family?” I totally brain farted here. I have read about this before, and knew that this woman’s name was also the name of a company. Just couldn’t come up with it…miss.
3. How’s My Driving? – How many points do you get on your record if you are ticketed for reckless driving, disobeying a crossing guard, or failing to stop for a school bus? We went too high on this one…miss.
Round Six
1. Fifth Grad Math – What multiplication property is being described in this equation? (4×2)X5=4X(2×5)? And I really don’t know if I wrote this down correctly, but Joel came up with correct answer here, fist bump!
2. Royalty – King Harald aka “Bluetooth” ruled over two countries in the 10th century – name one of them. Yay, I got to answer this one…did not feel very needed in this game, lol…
3. SCIENCE! – What is the term for a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing a chemical change? Its name comes from the Greek word for “to dissolve.”
Finished by getting this whole round correct.
Scores – Criminal Minds, 22; Downriver Kiwanis, 25; Is This a Fluke, 31; Six Pack, 40; 50 Shades of Grey Hair, 46; Team Pants and ‘Pods, 51; ???, 50; Pigeon, 57; King Cobra, 59; and sharing the first place spot were MBLP and Cleanup in Aisle 10.
Final Category – Famous Voices
I got a little excited when I heard this category – “Hey, I know a lot about voice actors.”
What late voice actor who provided the announcer’s voice for the Monorail at Walt Disney World shares his name with an actor who appeared on General Hospital, Santa Barbara, The Bold and the Beautiful and Melrose Place?
Yay, my early ’80s soap habit becomes trivia pay dirt!
We’ll be taking a bit of a break from trivial pursuits because we’re going to Disneyland! Just kidding…we will be back at it Wednesday at the Wurst Bar. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Alexander Hamilton!

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