Trivia Recap – July 20, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

Most trivia teams – even the absolute best ones – have their “kryptonite” categories. Those categories, that when they come up in the list of categories, are sure to inspire feelings of fear, dread and loathing. For our team, one of those categories is “boy bands.” And Tuesday, we not only had one question about boy bands – but TWO questions about boy bands! Amazingly enough, I managed a correct guess for low points on one of those, but was not able to put a name to a boy band member’s face in the visual mystery round. I offer no apologies for not knowing about boy bands! Sorry, Kimberly! They were just never my “thing!” I gave this game my all by my lonesome, but it was just not going to be my game! I managed to get final question #1 right…which is probably the only bright spot from the night! It’s not likely we’ll be back playing here again this season, since we’re not trying to win a tournament spot here. Special shout out to team More Beer Less Pants for getting a first-place sweep! And let’s move on to the questions, shall we?
1. Netflix – What is the title of the Netflix original series debuting in 2017 revolving around women’s professional wrestling in the 1980s? I had no clue, so I wrote down this: “The first rule of women’s fight club is to talk about women’s fight club.” Miss for 2. Why not one? Well, I was saving my one pointer for the upcoming “NBA Draft” category. Speaking of kryptonite…
2. Cocktails – According to the International Bartenders Association of America, what is the primary alcohol by volume in a Singapore sling? I remember having this question years ago in a game at Red Rock Downtown Barbecue in Ypsi, and remember that we got it wrong. Thankfully I got this one right! Yay, one of only three regular round questions I will end up getting correct (spoilers…).
3. U.S. History – The Gadsden Purchase in 1854 added territories which would become two U.S. states. Name one of those states. For an extra “nerd” bonus point, name both. Nope and nope…I went with the “twins” bordering Minnesota, not the correct states.
4. Logos – What animal is seen on the logo that trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol DE? I wrote down a list of animals I considered “majestic” enough to be on a logo. Horse, eagle…nope.
5. Movie Songs – Musician Sting wrote the song “My Funny Friend” for which Disney Animated movie? Had a release year been given, I would have gotten this right. I actually listed lots of Disney films released in the mid 1990s up through 2017. I picked a movie way too recent….miss.
6. NBA Draft – Which team picked UNLV forward Larry Johnson as a first round overall draft pick in 1991? Miss.
7. Celebrity Kids – Grammy winner Norah Jones is the daughter of what famous sitar player? Let’s see, I can name exactly two people I would consider to be “famous” sitar players…one of whom is a Beatle, and only played the sitar on that one song from “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.” It’s called “Within You/Without You.” But you already knew that, right? I picked the guy who taught George how to play…now that song will probably get stuck in my head! Got this correct…so glad I didn’t put Eric Clapton (JK).
8. Measurements – To the nearest mile, how many miles in are in 10 kilometers? I knew how to figure out this answer, but just couldn’t pull it off. Teammates definitely would have helped!
9. Observances – Which month of the year is designated as National Autism Month, Jazz Appreciation Month, National Poetry Month and Confederate History Month? I rolled my D12 and let it decide the month – and of course it was wrong. Deceitful dodecahedron! 🙂
10. Grammar – According to the “Schoolhouse Rock” song, what part of speech would the words and, but and or be considered?
Mystery – Identify the missing word from songs with “love” in the title – given the year and artist
1. B-52s, 1989, (blank) Shack
2. Tupac/Dr. Dre, 1995, (blank) love
3. Nazareth, 1975, (blank) hurts
4. Leona Loomis, (blank) love
Missed #2 and #4.
Scores: 13 teams, scores 31 to 61 with Turtle Heads in first. Guess which place I was in? 😉
Final Category – Presidents
Prior to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, who was the most recent Democrat to be elected to the office of President more than once?
Got this and wagered, but….way too far back for this to matter! Game winners – ???, and MBLP.
Game Two
1. Symptoms – What liver disease’s main symptom is a yellowish pigment to the skin? 10
2. Movie Taglines – What 1990 film’s tagline was, “His story will touch you – even if he can’t?” 9
3. Shakespeare – What type of play is “The Three Gentlemen of Verona?” Comedy, History or Tragedy? Went against my gut guess and failed…
4. Vegetables – What vegetable is required for a dish to have the designation “lyonnaise?” Carrot, tomato, bell pepper or onion? Nope…
5. Boy Bands – Among the members of the band heard in the audio clip, whose last name comes first alphabetically? Got this for 1 on a guess (and I may have cheered a bit loudly here).
6. Singers – Who was the first and also the current lead singer of Black Sabbath?
7. Game Shows – The daytime syndicated version of what game show has been hosted by Cedric the Entertainer and Terry Crews? Daytime game shows? There’s more than one? Who knew? Not me, apparently…
8. Super Bowl – Name either team defeated by Green Bay in the first two Super Bowls they won. Both for an extra nerd bonus. Nope and nope.
9. Dancers – Bill Robinson aka “Bojangles” danced alongside what child actress from the 1930s?
10. Rivers – What river’s source is Henderson Lake near Newcomb, N.Y.? Yay I got a rivers question correct…
Mystery – Missed #1. Curse you, you boy band person, you!
Scores – 12 teams, scores 39 to 63, with Suck it Trebek in first. I was in 11th with 47 points.
Final Category – Fictional Characters
What title character that was introduced in 1999 was created by former marine biology teacher Stephen Hillenburg?
Miss, I would not have thought of the correct character to be a “fictional character.” Even though it technically is. Just my weird brain. Overthought it…
Game winners: Slick Rock, MBLP. Yup, this is the last time we’ll play here for the forseeable future. Our focus the next couple of weeks will be trying to secure a spot at Original Gravity Brewing Co., and then take a break during the “bye weeks.” Yes, that is correct! I need to start going to the Depot Town cruise nights again! My dad misses me! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…Steve Zissou! That is who I put down for final #2….

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