Trivia Recap – June 13, 2017 – Powell’s Pub

On our trivia team, we’re more than just a group of people who hang out in bars and answer questions. In the case of Monday’s My Trivia Live game at Powell’s Pub, we played as friends. Brad was having a classic no-good very bad day…he got a flat tire while riding his bike home from […]

Trivia Recap – June 11, 2013 – Oscar’s Sports Grill

Sometimes it’s fun to mix up the trivia routine by playing with different people. Saturday, I joined forces in a Sporcle Live game with Kimberly, a longtime player with the team Sparty On, at Oscar’s Sports & Grill. We’ve played in a few trivia games and name that tune games a few times over the […]

Trivia Recap – June 8, 2017 – Wurst Bar

Our “core foursome” of ‘Pods visited The Wurst Bar for a My Trivia Live show Wednesday hosted by Stacy during the “bye” week. That is, the week scores aren’t counted toward league standings. We ended our fourth season of playing here at Wurst last week (even though we “technically” weren’t there, long story…) We will […]

Trivia Recap – June 6, 2017 – Powell’s Pub

When is a trivia question “too old?” And when is it “too young?” And is this little girl in this photo way too young to be wearing a “disco queen” outfit? Uh, talk to her mom about that! Speaking of “too old,” I heard trivia players complain when a final question was asked about a […]

Trivia Recap – Original Gravity – June 2, 2017

Our Sporcle Live trivia game Thursday was supposed to be a “deciding” trivia game. And after the game, at least a couple of players decided that they don’t want to play at this place anymore (except for the venue tournament in late July). It has been difficult finding a “midweek” trivia night besides Wednesday, for […]

Trivia Recap – Fender’s, June 1, 2017

Not only do we make mistakes during trivia games – like missing a Shakespeare question for 10 points on Tuesday (and multiple other questions) – but we also make stupid mistakes in between games, too! We mistakenly thought it was a “bye” week for My Trivia Live this week, so did what we would normally […]

Trivia Recap – May 31, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

Here is the question set from Tuesday’s Sporcle Live game at Johnny’s Grill in Belleville. Game One 1. Airlines – In 1988, the FAA signed a law banning what practice on flights of two hours in length or shorter? 2. Sports Nicknames – What baseball Hall of Fame pitcher had the nickname “The Big Unit?” […]